He was the alpha and the omega. The first and the last. And me? I was always second, or rather third. I didn't mind so much being second to HIM. He is, after all, the one. But I couldn't stand being second to the other, the son. Because next to the son, I was nothing. I, who had been so favored, was nothing. And in his kind, gentle smile, he drove that home.
Perhaps I should not have minded, because despite the fact that I was First Created, he, was, after all, the son, and also a part of HIM. And I didn't mind, because at first, I was loved as the beautiful bearer of light. But then, with the new religion, they began to worship him, and they forgot me. And so I fell.
I could easily repent, and return to my place at their sides. Because I do miss Him. How could I not? And, inspite of myself, I miss the son, with his kind smiles and gentleness too.
Yet I can not repent, and I am kept here because I won't. I still have my pride, after all. And so I, the Bearer of Light, am kept here, in the dark by pride, but even more so by a simple question.
Did not HE, in his omniscience, know that I would fall? And if He did, why did he not warn me? Why did he not try to keep me by His side? With his vast power, it would have been child's play.
And so I stay in the dark until I find my answer. And I can only hope that some day, someone will pity me, in all my blighted glory, and tell me why I am so doomed to this prison.