Author's Note: A little rusty at the beginning, but I think it smooths out near the end. Tell me what you think.


Part I

Never Knows Best

There was a huge clamour in the schoolyard. The halls of Barton Secondary School were abuzz with the exciting news of a catfight that was going to happen right after school. The rumours started at around lunch time, and by the time 3:00 came around, almost everyone in the school knew where to be to see it. The only person that didn't seem to know what was going on was one of the fight's participants, Catherine, or 'Kitty' as she preferred.

So far it had been a normal day for Kitty. When the final bell rang she sighed with relief, collected her things and headed out the door for home. She had no homework, which was unusual, although she didn't plan to do it anyway. The only thing she was going to do today was play video games.

She stepped out onto the tarmac and smiled as the cool breeze hit her face. Fresh air always made her feel relaxed after school. Kitty was about to continue on her way when something stopped her. Just a strange feeling that something was off. Kitty slowed and peered suspiciously around the playground. She turned around completely until she faced the doors she had just exited. There, standing in the threshold was Nikki Campbell and three of her bimbo friends.

"Fuck," Kitty cursed. Nikki seemed to think that it was her personal duty to make Kitty's life miserable. Usually Kitty was able to brush off her snide remarks with a clever quip or especially obscene curse. Today, however, Kitty was not in the mood to deal with her. Her parents had been up all night fighting again, and she'd barely gotten any sleep. So, when Nikki had decided to publicly humiliate Kitty in the cafeteria that afternoon, Kitty had simply snapped. Luckily she had restrained herself enough to avoid punching the girl, but she had dumped chocolate milk down Nikki's shirt. She smiled when she recalled Nikki's enraged face. Too bad she wouldn't be able to avoid coming to blows this time around.

"You're going to have to pay for this shirt, freak," Nikki growled in greeting. She tugged at her scandalously low cut pink top for emphasis.

"Hello, Nikki," Kitty grumbled. She wasn't looking forward to what was next. If it was just Nikki, Kitty could have pounded the twig-girl into the ground without even breaking a sweat, but with her friends there it wasn't likely to go well for Kitty.

Nikki and her posse advanced without any more words. Kitty stood her ground. She was scared, she never looked forward to getting the shit kicked out of her, but she didn't have to let Nikki know that.

Kitty mentally named Nikki's friends 'Tubby', 'The Nose', and 'Freckles' while she waited for them to start the fight. As long as they struck first, it was still self-defence.

Tubby made the first move and shoved her violently into Freckles, who grabbed a fistful of Kitty's thick, curly blonde hair and yanked with all her might.

"Ack!" Kitty hissed, she twisted around and grabbed Freckles' hair in return and pulled her head back. With her free hand, Kitty slammed the heel of her hand into Freckles' nose. The freckled girl let go and stumbled back, tears streaming down her face and blood flowing from her nose.

The Nose came next. She aimed a vicious punch at Kitty's nose, her fingers glittering with silver rings. Kitty braced herself for the impact, but The Nose held back at the last second, no doubt afraid to hurt her hand. Still, Kitty tasted blood in her mouth after the strike.

She spit out the blood in disgust and recovered in time to see The Nose still nursing her stinging fingers. She lunged at The Nose, but before she could reach her, her hair caught again, this time by Nikki.

"Let go of me you fucking cunt," Kitty snarled.

By this time students were gathering around the fight, the boys whooping in joy, hoping that at some point the girls' clothes would start coming off. One student in particular took off across the playground shouting "Catfight! Catfight!" and rounding up anyone who wasn't already watching.

Kitty was hardly aware of the crowd forming around her. The Nose and Nikki had a hold on her arms, and despite her struggles against the scrawny bitches, she couldn't break free. Tubby advanced on her and punched her in the stomach, hard. As Kitty gasped in pain, Tubby hit her again.

One, two, one, two, Tubby hit her until Kitty sank to her knees, wheezing for breath. Nikki and The Nose let her go and Kitty collapsed on the ground, choking on the blood in her mouth.

But Nikki wasn't finished yet. As soon as she was down, Nikki and her two remaining friends began to kick her mercilessly in the ribs.

"Jesus," Kitty cursed. When she saw Nikki, Kitty was prepared for scratching and hair-pulling, not this gang beating! Desperately, Kitty curled up and tried to protect her sides. They kicked her hands instead and Tubby actually went for her face! Kitty couldn't believe how dirty they were fighting! Slowly, her pain dissipated as the adrenaline kicked in. Rage replaced fear. How dare they do this to her? They harassed her day after day and when she defended herself, they decided to send her to the hospital!

Kitty forced herself to her feet and lunged at Tubby. She threw her arms around her middle, slammed her head into her stomach and brought them both to the ground. He jeans ripped at the knees and scraped her, and the skin was shred from her knuckles almost to the bone from the impact.

Kitty didn't care. She sat on top of the fat girl, pinned her hands with her knees and started punching her.

Nikki and The Nose tried to get her off by kicking her, scratching and pulling her hair, but Kitty wouldn't budge. She felt a tooth crack under her fist, unfortunately, her fist cracked as well. Kitty snatched her hand back and yowled in pain.

The fight probably would have escalated from there, but the student who was rounding up people to come watch the fight, also happened to catch the attention of Mr. DeMonico, a guidance councillor and probably the only teacher that liked Kitty. As soon as her head the word fight he got up from his chair and stalked outside to put a stop to it.

When Mr Demonico arrived outside he was hardly surprised to see Catherine McIntyre at the centre of it. Indeed, whenever the word 'catfight' was mentioned, Kitty was usually involved.. He was, however, surprised to see that she was on the losing end.

Wasting no time, Mr Demonico jogged across the tarmac shouting for the bystanders to to get out of the way. He arrived in time to see Kitty break her hand.

"Everybody get out of here or you'll all be suspended!" He cried. The crowd dispersed. Mr D grabbed Kitty under the arms and pulled her off Leanne Marshall, Nikki Campbell's somewhat overweight friend.

Kitty struggled in Mr D's hands, shouting obscenities that he wouldn't repeat in front of a prison inmate.

"You, and you," he said sternly, looking at Nikki and the large-nosed Victoria Peters. "Go to the office right now, I'll be talking to your parents later, and the police."

Nikki and Victoria grumbled and spit at Kitty, but they did as they were told.

"You fucking whores!" Kitty screamed "If you ever come near me again, I'll kill you! You hear me? I'll rip your fucking..." Mr D put a hand over Kitty's mouth.

"Come on now, Ms McIntyre, I'll take you to the emergency room."


Mr D called Kitty's parents from the hospital, but he got the answering machine. He promised to stay until they arrived, but they never showed. They waited 4 hours for a doctor and then spent another two getting Kitty X-rayed and checked out before they finally started treating her.

In the end, Kitty had broken her pinky and ring fingers on her right hand and fractured her wrist. She had a fractured rib, severe bruising, her knuckles and knees were scraped so badly that the doctors discussed skin grafting before deciding to let them heal on their own and, on top of all that, the cut in her mouth got stitches. By the time she was allowed to leave, it was after 11pm.

"Thanks for staying with me, Mr DeMonico." Kitty said quietly as they left.

"I guess your parents didn't get the message," He responded.

"I guess not..."

"I'll drive you home," Mr D offered.

"No thanks," Kitty replied, "I'll walk, I think I need some fresh air."

Mr D frowned and wondered if it was wise to let the girl walk home by herself.

"Don't worry about me," Kitty said in anticipation of his thoughts. "I don't live far, I walk by here almost every day." And without another word Kitty turned and left.

Mr D didn't go after her. He watched her walk away, then got back into his car and drove home.


The night was cool and calm, quieter than usual, in fact; but Kitty didn't know much about this part of town. When she told Mr DeMonico that she lived nearby, she had lied. She knew enough of the area to realize that it would be a long walk home.

'Oh well,' Kitty thought, 'I need some fresh air anyway, I can still smell the hospital.' She looked down at the cast on her arm and sighed in dismay. Nikki and her followers were sure to take advantage of that. She was sure with all the bruises and injuries she looked like she'd been hit by a truck.

As she tromped slowly but steadily home, Kitty became aware of the overbearing silence of the night. The hairs on her neck stood on end and Kitty was suddenly very nervous. She got that same feeling she'd had just before the fight with Nikki and her goons. She walked faster.

Kitty glanced behind her but saw nothing suspicious. Except, of course, for a man walking in her direction on the other side of the street. He didn't seem to notice her, but Kitty decided to err on the side of caution and picked up the pace anyway. The man didn't look up.

Kitty swerved around a corner and looked back again. Somehow the man was even closer than he was before. Kitty kept going, all the while trying to rationalize that she was being paranoid. Still, although the man never seemed to hurry, every time she looked back he was closer than he was before.

Kitty knew that she was in no position to fight off an attack. Even in good health, Kitty would have had little chance against a guy his size. She could see the well-formed muscles even under his loose trench coat and the way he moved suggested a man who was used to violence.

Kitty turned again quickly and ran, turned again into an alley between two buildings and ducked behind a dumpster. 'He'll walk right past,' She told herself, 'He'll go by and continue on his way and I'll just feel like an idiot'. Still, she was shivering in terror.

The man stepped into the alley.

'Fuck! Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck!' Her adrenaline kicked in. Fear was replaced with the sheer will to survive and protect herself. She scooped up a broken brick by her feet and went on the offensive. She stepped out from behind the dumpster and hurled the brick - poorly- at the man before even waiting to see what he was going to do. Since she had to use her left hand the brick went wide and sailed harmlessly over his shoulder. The man watched it go and look at her with what seemed to be a bored expression.

He was certainly as large as Kitty had earlier assessed, maybe even bigger.Over six feet tall, muscles well formed and strong, a square jawline shaded with stubble. His clothes were casual, if a bit scuffed up, and his hair overgrown. He looked to be about 30 years old, and handsome in a roguish sort of way. He pulled the butt of a spent cigarette from his lips and smashed it on the ground as Kitty picked up another brick.

"What are you planning to do with that?" He asked, eyeing the brick. "It's not going to do you any good." He stepped forward, but Kitty was too terrified to move. She could feel the sweat dripping from her pores, and when the cold wind hit her she shivered. The man met her eyes, and she seemed to be held in place by them.

'No, no, no, move!' Kitty cursed herself. She had to do something before...before he did whatever it was that he intended, which Kitty was sure she wouldn't like.

He stopped only a few feet from her, he seemed to be half-amused by the fear in her eyes. He reached out and took hold of her broken hand. "Fighting wounds," He remarked. "I bet with anyone else, you'd be kicking the shit outta me by now. Or trying to, at least." He pulled on one of her broken fingers. Kitty hissed with pain, but he kept pulling, and Kitty stepped forward to relieve the pressure. Terror was clouding her mind, she wasn't thinking clearly enough to pull away. He was playing with her, enjoying her pain, and she was letting him!

"Bastard!" She screamed suddenly, snapping out of his trance. She swung the brick at his head, and this time it connected. The brick bounced of the man's head, leaving a deep wound the didn't bleed. A few worthless drops leaked out, but it didn't bleed. Kitty gaped in horror. That should have stopped him! He should be bleeding! He should have had a fucking concussion! Instead, the man just shrugged it off and twisted her unbroken arm behind her back. From the way he was twisting it, it probably wouldn't remain unbroken for long.

"What the fuck are you?" She demanded. It didn't seem fair that she was going up against something unhuman while injured. In fact, the mere thought made her unspeakable angry. She began to struggle with all her might: kicking, pulling, biting, even hitting him with her broken hand, each blow sending a wave of pain up her arm.

She might as well have been a day-old kitten from the way it affected him. He ignored all her attmepts at escape and her question, too. He seemed to be studying her. He stared at her for a long time, oblivious to her stuggles before he finally spoke. "Feisty, you might be a good choice," He said it to himself though, not to her.

"The fuck are you talking about?" Kitty screamed, "Let me go, you perv!" With the last of her strength and courage, Kitty reeled back and spit in his face.

To her surprise, however, he laughed at her. "Yep, you're exactly what I'm looking for." His hand came around her head and tangled in her thick hair. He pulled her head back easily, Kitty glaring at him all the while.

"Now relax," He said, "This will only hurt for a second. Hell, you might even like it." He grinned.

For a fraction of a second, Kitty was sure he was going to rape her. But then she saw the fangs.

His eye teeth extended nearly a full inch in length, and his mouth was aimed at her exposed neck. Kitty realized what she was looking at and for a moment didn't believe it. And then the bite happened. Cold teeth sank into her flesh, deep into her veins. Her racing heart pumped blood from the wound, drizzling down her neck before his lips came around it and drank it.

Kitty shuddered and started to weep when he realized that it did feel good. Too good, she didn't want it to feel good. She wanted it to stop.

"Stop," it came out as a gasp, and she thought she heard him chuckle.

Then, all to quickly, it was done. The man loosened his grip and dragged his tongue over the wound before letting her sink to her knees. The loss of blood had made her dizzy and she clutched her head, waiting for it to pass, but it never did.

This wasn't right. Something was wrong. Why was she so dizzy? Why wouldn't it pass? She hit the ground, hard, banged her head hard enough to start a ringing in her ears. She was dying. She panicked. She was hyperventilating. She gasped to catch her breath.

"Calm down," The man, the Vampire, said. "You're only dying."

Just as Kitty was about to lose her grip on consciousness, he pressed his wrist to her mouth. She tasted blood on his skin, and somehow knew that it was his. She drank anyway. Somewhere in her mind she knew what was happening, but she was so confused, she couldn't put it together.

Finally, mercifully, everything went black.