I can't seem to understand why
No one writes letters anymore
Except the ones they don't plan
On ever sending because they
Taste better than poetry words
That grip my hands as if he were
Holding mine again and it just
Feels so right

But still I'm such a hypocrite as
I scribble down useless phrases onto
Blank pages you will never read

My justification is nothing more than
Perfectly denying I did something
Wrong and you were the culprit for
Everything I just feel so sick thinking
About you because I don't want it to
Be like this I just want to forget it
All but you just won't let me because
I'm still not good enough, am I?

Winter thawed but these snowstorms
Didn't leave my soul you are still
There blowing ice into my hair sprinkling
Stars and lies across my body because I once
Thought they were beautiful but
It was just a reflection of what could
Have been a miracle and now I see it for
What is really was a sad excuse for me thinking
Deity interfered with lives like ours but
This was nothing but mirror and smoke kisses
Drawn on my arm with gentle hands

I think I still hate you but that just means I still love you more