Seal Master


The seal on his right hand glowed fiercely, a stark contrast to the pitch-black, rainy night. As bolts of lightning cut through the sky, the seal glowed brighter, as if feeding off the energy from the force of nature. A blast of light was his only warning, and with a quick wave of his hand the soil around him burst from the ground just as the fireball struck, shaking the ground with the force of the impact and sending a brilliant glow of energy in all directions.

"You seem a little tired, Nathan!" An annoyingly smug voice called from beyond his vision. "Are the charred remains of your pathetic family really weighing you down so much?"

Nathan's anger at those words coursed through his entire being, and the increase in energy made the air around him feel charged.

"They screamed, you know. They begged me to spare their lives. Oh, how they clutched your sister so protectively." Although there was no laughter, it was like the voice was barely keeping it contained. The ground beneath his feet cracked slightly, causing lightning bolt-like scars on the planet's surface.

"I saved your sister for last!" Suddenly a blast of heat surrounded him, and instantly evaporated the rain and fogged his vision. "Damnit," Nathan yelled and his Seal's brightness cut right through the fog. He clenched his fist and used his anger to feed the Seal, and slowly, the fog began to freeze. His mind sculpts the ice, and his grief and anger fed the Seal.

As if he suddenly turned on the light of the entire planet, the field lit up, and the light from his Seal reflected off every shard of ice. His enemy was in sight, standing not ten yards away. His cloak rose off the ground like it had a mind of its own, and the piercing, lizard-like eyes cut through him even at that distance. This was someone he once considered a friend.

"Auriken," Nathan's voice resonated all around him, and the look in his eyes left no doubt about his intent. "As long as you continue to breathe," An increase of energy caused Auriken to stumble backwards, and then it funneled around Nathan, causing the ground around him to break apart and slowly rise into the air. "I will destroy you!"

The area exploded, sending ice shards spinning through the air. Nathan flashed forward, seeming to be right at him in an instantly. Auriken barely had enough time to withdraw his sword, and at the last second the air cooled around Nathan's hand and formed a sword of his own. Their weapons connected hard, sending a ring throughout the air that caused some shards to break under the sound.

Nathan broke away, sweeping his sword upward and cut through a shard, tossing it just as it fell into his hand. Auriken jumped half a step back and his Seal glowed just before catching the projectile with his hand, instantly melting it. Just as the heated liquid fell from his hand Nathan clenched his fist again and a cold jolt of pain shot through Auriken's body.

It worked just like it was supposed to. Auriken's hand, and his Seal, was frozen solid. Before he could react, Nathan's blade flashed once, then twice, severing Auriken's hand from his body and watching as it shattered when it fell to the ground. A thin red line of blood appeared at Auriken's neck, showing exactly what the second swing was for. He fell to the ground, clutching at his throat as he futilely tried to stem the flow of blood. He tried to say something but could only manage a guttural gasp.

Nathan bent down, peering at his old friend who he used to trust with his life. Auriken looked up at him, trying to find something that indicated he would not die horribly. What he saw was quite the contrary; in Nathan's eyes there was no mercy.

"Please." Auriken managed to choke out, but he didn't even show the slightest bit of clemency.

Nathan laughed a sound so far from joyful, but very close to malevolent. "Isn't that what my family said right before you killed them?" Those were the last words Auriken ever heard. As the ice sword pierced his heart, a dark form slipped away unnoticed from his body.

Nathan removed a glove from his pocket, placing it on his right hand to hide the Seal, only briefly noticing the designed had changed. His bloodline ability has awakened.