i can't take this anymore
you need to know the truth
you need to know that the person
they call my "e-boy"
(the person i love with all my heart)
is a girl

and i hate lying to you
and not letting you know.
you're my mom
and you've never done anything but good for me
so right now, over the phone isn't an option
but forty days more is forty-one too many

so it's phone or IM

phone it is.

i pick it up,
dial your number.


"hey mom. i wanted to talk to you about something
it's really important, but I hope you know
it doesn't change anything."

"sorry, the phone just cut out.
what did you say

just complaining about dinner."

i guess we'll have to wait.

forty more days, forty more days…

May 7, 2007