The Alien and Us

Once upon a time, aliens invaded. It was when Izzy was three, so she didn't remember anything, but her brother did. Izzy's brother, Pedro, remembered everything. At least he remembered everything about a certain little alien...

He was walking along the blue beaches under a violet sunset, when a silver spacecraft crashed into the warm waters of our home.

He ran to investigate and found a very intoxicated little fuzzy green thing.

"Uooga! Gugly boga glu!" The green alien muttered incoherently, half falling out of the spacecraft and stumbling across the beach.

Pedro was taken aback. The moss-like creature didn't even com up to his knee and Pedro stood towering high above the alien, his silver hair whipping about his face in the spiced zephyrs of our world.

As he watched the disgustingly drunk creature waddle around, he suddenly remembered us.

"Let's catch it and bring it home to Izzy!" I shouted.

"No!" Pedro glared at me. "We need to help it return to its own home!"

"What do you mean 'its home'? It fell from the clouds like a bolt of lightning!"

"Well, then we'll return it to the freakin' clouds!" Pedro yelled.

"Yeah!" Timmy agreed with Pedro. "We should find some way to catapult it back into the sky!"

"But...that could kill it!" I protested.

"Who cares? He's a lump of fuzz and, more importantly, he's a disturbance in the harmony of life! He must GO!"

"Fine, but I'm not going to help you kill it!"

"Hey!" Pedro yelled angrily, "I never said anything about killing!"

But, before any of us could say or do or even think anything, the green, fuzzy, moss-like alien was suddenly sucked up into the sky, silver spacecraft and all.

The End