A/N: Here's a really random story that my mom, dad, older brother, younger brother and myself cooked up. My mom wrote the ending, hope y'all like it!

A Long, Long Time Ago

A long, long time ago, in an old tree, lived a being. He was a rather ugly, crusty thing, with very bad breath, but he was also very wise. He kept on babbling and babbling about random nonsense that had no meaning whatsoever.

That is, he kept on babbling until the day that the evil owl-witch cast a spell on him that only allowed him to meow, purr, whine, bark, howl and growl. Little was he to know how much those traits would help him.

He soon learned that he could also understand the other animals when that meowed, purred, whined, and all. And, more importantly, they could understand him.

And, since he was so wise and knowledgeable, he set out to educate the entire animal kingdom.

After a while, all the animals looked to him for guidance in everything. Every decision they made, from how to feed their offspring to where to spend the long, cold winter, had to meet with his approval or they wouldn't do it.

Then the creature died and all of the animals didn't know what to do.

Little did the animals know that he was watching them from heaven. He sat on his fluffy cloud for all eternity, always guiding his 'children' through the troubles and tribulations of this sorry earth. But, then a new evil arose.

It was actually an old evil. The witch. 'Hoo', you ask? Which witch? The owl-witch from earlier in the story. Anyway, the owl-witch started influencing the animals and confusing them. Soon, fish were trying to walk on land and the cats tried to fly. And...well, it was just chaos!

Seeing his children in dire distress, Yoda was reincarnated and came back to fight the Evil owl-witch and bring order to the force.

When the animals realised that their leader was back, they all gathered around, awaiting their orders. In no time at all, Yoda had passed out weapons of mess destruction and, armed and dangerous, the animals began their trek to find the owl-witch.

They found her floating in her backyard swimming pool, asleep on her Scoobie Doo floatie.

Before she could awaken, the animals coated her in silly string until she hardened into plastic or rubber or whatever silly string turns into when it hardens. They put her on a stone block in the middle of the forest and she is still there to this day.

Peace has reigned in the forest, the animals have learned self-reliance, and every night the chorus of "Kum ba yah" can be heard echoing throughout the land.