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I can be such a nervous wreck sometimes. And over things that I really shouldn't be worried about. See, it turned out that Cameron was actually busy the week after the wedding, I didn't ask with what then but now I've started to wish I had. Since he was busy and I rarely know when I'll be busy, I gave him my number. He tried to give me his but didn't know it off the top of his head and didn't have his cellphone on him. Anyways, it had been two weeks and I was sure I'd done it again, gotten my hopes up for some asshole who would never call me.

So of course the day I'd put aside to being pathetic about this--What? I did actually like him--he called. And I just have to say I'm glad as hell there's not a video image to go along with phone calls. I was wearing a pair of my brother's sweat pants, a huge t-shirt with some ridiculous saying on it and just generally looked like hell. Luckily none of that was known by him.

We made plans for that Saturday. Traditional first date stuff, dinner and a movie. Somehow--And I'm still really not sure how--it was decided that he'd pick me up. Which, of course, was just more time to be nervous. Oh, and I could totally hear the smirk over the phone.

Basically I'd checked myself out in the mirror bordering on a hundred times at this point. The dress was that little black one that all girls are required to own. The skirt brushes my knees, and it has short sleeves. I was wearing flats of course--He's the same height as me, it would be rude to wear heels. Not to mention if he was too much of an ass I might be tempted to try to drive it though his temple. Or my own.

Okay, so he was only two minutes late at this point--Considering he showed up to most of the practices anywhere from ten to fifteen minutes late that wasn't much. I really shouldn't have been that nervous. But I was. Damn me anyways.

Glancing in the mirror again I was pulled out of my slightly destructive thoughts by the sound of a knock. Smoothing down my dress again I forced myself to wait a moment before calling out, "I'm coming." Grabbing my purse I forced myself to pause there for another moment before making my way to the door. Wouldn't want to act like I'd been doing what I had--namely sitting around and waiting for him to get there.

Opening the door I smiled at him. This was my least favorite part. It was always awkward to start a date. No one knew what to say, there was the normal expected standard compliment that was always doubted because it was required to say, then you stood there for a moment before someone suggested you head out.

Arching an eyebrow he looked me over, then smirked, "You look hot."

See, that wasn't normal. Normally it was, 'You look lovely.' or pretty, or good, or nice. But I should've known. He seemed to be completely lacking tact. Hell, at least I knew he meant it.

I'd told myself to be polite so he could see the side of me that wasn't crazy like I had been at the wedding, but after that it would really be a waste. So instead of just standing here and not knowing what to say, I rolled my eyes at him, "So do you. And we're going to be late."

Laughing slightly at me, he made a grand gesture, and with another roll of my eyes I followed him to his car. That was a mistake. No, not following him or anything, but see, he didn't actually have his drivers license. I know, he had a car but not a license. Get this, he'd tried to get it a few dozen times, and they still hadn't given it to him. So he was driving illegally but didn't seem to really care. Yeah, I wish I had known that.

He wasn't an unsafe driver, per say, he just liked to go fast. Really, really, really fast. He didn't use his turn signals, he mostly ignored stop signs, and he seemed blind to speed limits. Now, I'm actually kind of used to driving like this. I have four older brothers, all of whom have taken me out on a joy ride at some point or another. So this wasn't exactly new territory. But when you're not expecting it it's still scary as hell.

We got to the restaurant in one piece, barely. And I'm sure we talked on the car ride, but I don't really remember what it was about, a book maybe. He was extremely well read. The restaurant wasn't a super fancy one, but it wasn't a grease trap either. I wasn't under or over dressed, and I liked that. We continued to talk, he was going to college that fall like me. No, we weren't going to the same school, that would be a bit too much coincidence, but our schools were only half an hour away from each other. Just, you know, something to keep in mind. Hey, don't judge me.

And considering the hell I'd been going through when we met, the date was going surprisingly smoothly. We'd both ordered and were still talking. I really was surprisingly comfortable in his company, and I know it's cliche as hell but I felt like I'd known him far longer then I actually had.

But, of course, something interrupted that. His cell phone rang, which he seemed a bit shocked about, but he excused himself to take it. Okay, so he didn't excuse himself. He just said, "Huh. Phone." and wandered off. But he really wasn't big on the whole polite thing--a fact I'd figured out fairly early on.

He came back to the table about ten minutes later, scowling. "I have to go."

Well. Hadn't been expecting that. I just barely managed to bite back my 'What?', because I knew what he'd said, what was the use in repeating it. "Oh. Why?" Damn. Shouldn't have asked that. Too nosey. Besides, did I really want the answer? What if it was just a ruse and he just wanted to get out of the date? (I've done that before. Been worried about a date so made a friend promise to call me at a set time, if I was having a good time I'd take it then just say it was a friend, if it was a bad date I'd say I needed to take care of something.) Maybe it was an ex-girlfriend or something? Maybe--Okay. Bad Reza, we're done. It doesn't matter. If he's skipping out then you don't want to date him anyways. And who knows, there might be a perfectly reasonable explanation for it. Maybe.

"My nut of a grandmother fell and needs my mom there to 'nurse her though it', and my little brother's sick so I have to go take care of him."

Well. That was either true or the most amusing cover up I've ever heard. "Oh! Is your grandmother okay?"

He snorted. That was--If your grandmother was injured why would you snort? Was he really that much of an asshole? Well, yes, but it wasn't quite that at the moment. Or at least I was fairly sure it wasn't. "Yeah, she's fine. They're just keeping here there for surveillance and shit." See. That wasn't that bad. And he wasn't completely heartless. "And Ethan has a fever and mom wants me to go take care of him."

That sounded more like baby sitting to me. But I understood at least. That was a perfectly reasonable explanation. Assuming it wasn't just a cover up or something--Nah, couldn't be.

"I can help." Damnit. That was just a touch more forward then I was planning. Fiddling with the knife on the table--Oooh, serrated--I tried to backtrack. Kind of. "I mean, if you want help or something." Oh yeah, very graceful there Reza, lets just throw in some 'um's and a few 'er's and you'll be set.

And he'd been quiet for far too long. So of course I had to look up and make sure he hadn't scampered off or something. Nope. Still there. And surveying me with a look that--I don't even know how to explain it. Hell, I don't even know if that was an actual smile or just a kind of odd smirk on his lips. But he still hadn't said anything. Cue babbling explanation.

"I mean, my dad's a doctor and I'm kind of planning to go into it. Not that a fever is that hard to deal with or anything, I mean, as long as it doesn't get to seizure temperature, which I'm sure it won't! So, I guess you won't really need my help, but still, if you'd like it or just want an extra set of eyes to watch him or--"

"Whoa. Calm down Reza." And he was laughing at me. Not that he didn't have reason. I have problems okay. I ramble like crazy when I'm nervous or think I said something wrong, or apparently when people are staring at me with that look on their face. But I could calm down. Yup. Just had to remember to breathe. "The company would be nice, so I'll take you up on your offer."

I could breathe again. And I swear I'm not normally this much of a spaz on dates, but considering the circumstances he met me under, and the fact that after all that hell--and seeing me impersonating a giant pink pear--he still wanted to take me out, well, I was trying to make a good impression. And failing, miserably. Hopefully by the time we got to his house I would've calmed down a little. Fingers crossed.

We got what we'd ordered to go, and he paid for it--Or I think he did. If he didn't then we kind of dinned and ditched. I just know I never saw a check, and since it would be a little awkward to ask 'Hey, did we just skip out on a bill?' I restrained myself. Barely.

I had forgotten, with everything else, that he'd be driving. One, it was his car. Two, I didn't know the way to his house. Three, he wasn't falling for the whole 'you drove here, I'd feel bad if I didn't drive some too' line. And really, I can't help but be thankful that I didn't eat before getting in that car again. Next date I was so driving.

The Henderson house--That's his last name, Henderson. I'd actually just found that out, which was a bit odd because you'd think you'd know a guy's last name before going out with him, apparently I didn't care for such trivial information. Anyways, the Henderson house was located in a nice neighborhood. It wasn't a small house--Wasn't a mansion either, but it wasn't shabby.

Cameron waited for me to get out of the car--On my own thank you, he didn't open the door or do the 'assist' thing at all. Not that I even for a moment thought he would. And actually waited until I was even with him before walking up to the front door and letting us in. Stepping inside I immediately realized three things. One, boys lived there. No, it wasn't a pig sty or anything, but there was definitely that feeling, you know? Not a lot of cutesie nicknacks, no overwhelming flowery stuff. And I guess the fact that I almost tripped on a soccer ball and then some action figures might've helped clue me into that fact. Two, someone cleaned regularly. Not that the place was hospital sterile, but in my house, unless it was right after cleaning day--which came once a year...Usually, you could run a finger over anything and see a fair bit of dust. You didn't have that as much here. And even though there was some mess it seemed to be organized mess. And three, I needed a change of clothes if I was going to be dealing with a feverish little boy. Okay, so that has nothing to do with the house, but it totally occurred to me when first stepping foot in so it counts.

I paused in thought, where would I get a change of clothes? And because I'd walked in before Cameron and hadn't mentioned I'd be stopping abruptly, he ran into me. Reached out to steady me of course--And I can't say I was complaining when he left his hands on my arms.

"What's up?" A fair question considering I looked like I was concerned about something I'm sure.

"I don't have a change of clothes." Glancing over my shoulder at him I saw both of his eyebrows shoot up. Turning around to actually face him I ignored him glancing over my current outfit.

"What's wrong with what you're wearing?" There was a touch of wariness in that question--Like he expected me to say that it made my butt look fat or something. Please, little black dress--Designed to not make butts look fat.

I couldn't help but roll my eyes at him. "Nothing, for a date. Quite a number of things when taking care of a kid with a fever." And give the boy a prize, I could see he got it.

"I bet I have something or another that'll fit you." Nodding I followed him to his room. And I did my best not to be too obvious about looking around as he dug in drawers. His room was a mess, but not completely disgusting. That is, there were clothes and stuff lying around, but nothing growing mold. Trust me, I'd seen a sock with mold--Four older brothers, and they all went through an odd hippy phase. Still have nightmares about their rooms.

I was fighting the urge to go look at what was on top of his dresser when he held up a pair of flannel pajama pants and a button up that looked like he'd grown out of it. "Will this work?"

"Perfectly. Thanks." Waving off my thanks he handed me the articles and told me I could change in here, or the bathroom across the hall. He was going to go check up on Ethan while I did so.

Of course I changed in his room. Gave me more of a chance to look around. Apparently he played soccer--if the team photos were anything to go by. I don't mind soccer. Never bothered to play on a team, but got to watch my brothers play, and sometimes got to play goalie with them.

The shirt was a little too big on me, as were the pants. They had a drawstring though--The pants, not the shirt, so they wouldn't be falling off. And really the length on them was about right. Huh. So this was the advantage of dating a guy my height. Except that we weren't dating. Going on one date hardly counts as 'dating'. Especially since the date wasn't half way over.

I wasn't sure what to do with my dress so I ended up folding it and leaving it on one of the clean parts of his bed. There was no way I'd forget to grab it before I left--Not wearing what I was anyways. I was a little self conscious of him seeing me in what basically amounted to lounge about clothes, but hell, he'd seen the pink pear, and this was a hell lot more flattering then that.

Wandering out of his room I realized I didn't know my way around the house. Shit. I couldn't exactly call out--What if the kid was sleeping? Which meant it was probably best to stay exactly where I was. So that's what I did. And then I heard the sound of a TV back the way of the entrance. And I was curious, so I wandered towards it and saw what had to be the cutest kid in existence curled up with a several blankets and Cameron crouching down next to him staring at a thermometer.

Oh that was just too cute! I really wished I had a camera that instant. Taking another step forward I hit a creaky floorboard, and two sets of pale blue eyes swung towards me. Cameron blinked at me, looked me over and smiled. And I swear this time it was a smile and not a smirk--Though again, I might've just been delusional.


He never got to finish whatever that thought was though, and I admit I really wanted to know what that thought was, because his little brother interrupted.

"Who're you?" Aw. Even his voice was adorable. Walking closer I couldn't help smiling at him.

"I'm Reza." I didn't know if I should say I was going to help take care of him, might be dating his brother, wanted to be a doctor, thought he was adorable or anything. Luckily I didn't have to add anything as he just forged ahead, his gaze swinging back to his brother now that he knew who I was.

"When's mom going to be back?"

"I don't know. Probably not till tomorrow."


Damn, this kid totally had me in his pocket and I wasn't even sure I knew his name. "What's wrong?" I'd moved close enough that I could perch on the edge of the couch, not invading his space but not acting like he had the plague or anything.

"Mom was going to make me soup." He wasn't even whining. Damn this kid was good.

I looked to Cameron. "What's his temperature?" It was 99.8. So it wasn't a bad fever but still..."Go make him some soup." Cameron stared at me in mild disbelief. What, did he not think we'd actually be taking care of the kid? Or, well, I guess it could just be the fact that I was ordering him about in his own home. Yeah, I probably should've reconsidered that. Especially since the kid was looking at me, a little surprised I think.

I locked eyes with Cameron for a moment then raised an expectant eyebrow and he rolled his eyes before asking Ethan--And he used his name which was good, I'd hate to just continue to call him 'kid' in my head--what kind of soup he wanted. Heading off to make Chicken Noodle (seriously, why had he bothered to ask? That's what every kid wants when sick. Or at least it's what I basically lived off of whenever I had the flu.) I let myself actually lean back on the couch. Then I hesitated, Ethan was watching me, and I didn't know if the look was 'leave me alone' or something else entirely. I think Cameron said he was eight, but if I was guessing I would've gone with seven. But that might've just been because he was curled up on a couch and not standing.

Well hell, I didn't know what to really do. So I just leaned back. And apparently that was what he was waiting for because moments later, he'd crawled into my lap--still curled up in all his blankets. And started to give me the most adorable interrogation I'd ever had. I told him I had older brothers too and knew what a pain in the ass they could be--and he asked if I'd replace Cameron so he could have an older sister instead of an older brother. He really was probably the cutest kid ever.

A couple of minutes later Cameron came out with a bowl of soup for Ethan and both of our dinners from the restaurant. It was at about that point that we hit a snag. See, Ethan didn't want to leave my lap. Apparently he liked it there. So it took a bit of maneuvering to get it so that he could eat his soup and not burn himself and I could eat my dinner as well. Cameron seemed generally amused by it all and sat next to me, shoulders bumping when either of us shifted.

Even though he was eating, Ethan was continuing the barrage of questions, and I wasn't quite as good at eating and talking as he was, so at some point I had to call a halt to it. It was at about that point that Cameron got up again and put a DVD in. I was kind of frightened we'd be watching some horrible animated movie, but it ended up being Pirates of the Caribbean, and who can argue with Depp?

Ethan finished his soup before I finished my meal, but when I tried to take both of our dishes to the kitchen he clung to me and told me I wasn't allowed to leave. He really was absolutely adorable. I don't think he could've possibly topped five feet and he had this mop of curly brown hair that fell to his ears. His ears looked a little big, but I was sure he'd grow into them, and, damn, I don't know how to explain it, I just know he was absolutely adorable. He had the same tan Cameron had--And I was starting to think it was genetic and not actually time in the sun, and the same shade of light blue eyes. His were a hell of a lot more innocent then Cameron's though. In any case, Cameron had to take the plates back to the kitchen--Which I felt a little bad about but it wasn't like I was going to pry the kid off just to go wash dishes.

By the time he got back Ethan was starting to drift in and out of consciousness. I myself was enjoying the chance to ogle Depp on the screen. Which, now that I think of it, probably isn't something one's supposed to be doing while on a date. Ogling other men that is. Though for Johnny I think an exception could be made.

At some point when he had been gone I must have shifted positions somehow, because when he came back and sat where he had been sitting I was leaning against him slightly. So either I shifted or he was somehow being very, very crafty.

It was only a few more moments before Ethan actually drifted off, and I smiled at that, before shooting a smile to Cameron. "You're little brother is adorable."

He glanced down at the kid before giving a half smirk to me, "Don't I know it. And I swear, sometimes he does as well. If he wasn't the sweetest member of the family I'd think he'd been using it to his advantage."

I was trying to stay mostly quiet, we'd muted the movie but hadn't bothered to turn it off, but I couldn't help but laugh softly at that. "You're horrible." God, that was sappy. Okay, not telling him that he was horrible, but I'm pretty sure I was using a fond tone and bleck. In any case I had come to a decision--Even if me and Cameron didn't work out dating wise, I was totally going to make him be my friend.

He was smirking at me now, so I stuck out my tongue and turned to watch the silent movie. Mm. "I would totally sleep with him." Shit. I said that out loud didn't I? Well, maybe he didn't--

"What?" Yeah, scratch that idea. And there was definitely an edge of something in his voice, though really, I have no idea what the hell it was.

"Depp. Or Jack Sparrow. I would sleep with either happily."

"They're the same person."

"Nah. Jack Sparrow has to have a whole slew of STDs." And that's about the time I started worrying that maybe he was going to choke. So, of course, I patted him on the back.

"You know, I don't think you're supposed to say that to someone you're on a date with."


"I don't think you're supposed to be considering sleeping with other men while on a date."

"Oh. Well, if it makes it any better you can tell me you want to sleep with him too." Ah. And now he really was choking. "Breathe Cameron. It's kind of important to do."

"I don't--"

"Shut up, I know, it was just a joke." There, he was breathing normally again. Though I could hardly protest when he just shifted me so that I was leaning against him. I mean, I had just kind of insulted his masculinity, so of course he had to go momentary caveman. As long as his arm didn't move from my waist I wouldn't object. And since it wasn't, I just leaned back and relaxed. He really was comfortable. And it was later then it seemed like it should've been. And I'd been up way too early anyways. The conversation turned to other things. It got to that place that all really late night conversations do. Where everything is slow and thoughtful and seems really profound, but probably isn't quite that deep. And I started to drift off. I swear I was about five minutes away from actually being asleep when the door was opened and slammed.

Ethan stirred and I tried to keep him from waking up, but as a rather short individual stomped into the room and loudly exclaimed, "Ew. Cameron, couldn't you at least make out in your own room?!" I knew that there was no way Ethan would be sleeping. Especially when the light was blinked on a moment later. Jesus that hurt.

"Fuck Marcus! Turn that light off." That was Cameron of course. And now Ethan really was awake. The first thing he wanted to know was why I was leaving. The next few moments were chaos. Cameron stood up and he and Marcus--who I was assuming was his little brother as well, family resemblance and all--Started arguing about something. From the little snippets I understood Marcus had broken a vase or something at a friends house and that's why he was home and not staying there like originally had been planned, and Cameron was pissed that he'd woken all of us up, and something else that I didn't catch.

I, on the other hand, was trying to convince Ethan that I couldn't stay there. That I needed to go home and sleep in my own bed. And can I just say he was having none of it. He tried to talk me into replacing Cameron, which I didn't think he'd like, and then he told me I should marry him so I could be around all the time--And I choked before managing to explain that I was absolutely sick of weddings. Which was a bit of a cop out really but it would get the job done.

Cameron ended up winning his argument--And I totally lost mine. Yup, I was totally out argued by an eight year old. To be fair he was too adorable to really pull out any of the big guns against. In any case, I was kind of introduced to Marcus before he simply headed to his room.

Since we were all up, I made--Made, requested sweetly, same thing--Cameron take Ethan's temperature again. It was lower, a fact I was rather pleased with. I don't know how other girls do dates but I always prefer if there's no trip to the emergency room involved. Gives me a feeling of accomplishment.

I was still tired, or rather, I was tired again as the rush from it all died down. Ethan, on the other hand, was suddenly a ball of energy. Just my luck right? We watched the end of the movie, and I tried to go to sleep again, but he wasn't tired, so I ended up trying to carry on a conversation. I have to give him points for one thing though, for only being eight years old he had some really amusing stories about Cameron. Cameron was, of course, trying to get him to shut up the majority of the time, but I got the stories out of the little dear. And I just knew I'd be using them again later.

Eventually I made a deal with him, I'd tell him a story and he'd go to bed. Unfortunately for me, first we had to agree on a story. Now, I've done my fair share of baby sitting, but it had been a few years. I knew all the regular stories. The standard fairy tales. He didn't want any of them. Said he wanted something he hadn't heard. Well, okay, he didn't actually say that's what he wanted because, well, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't demand anything, but you could tell he didn't want just a regular story.

I ended up telling him my version--Edited!--of how I'd met Cameron. He seemed to enjoy it at least, even if Cameron did seem to be either choking or trying really hard to not laugh at me. If it was the first I probably should've been more concerned, if it was the second I appreciated that he was trying not to.

Ethan didn't seem particularly keen on going back to bed, even after the story. But he upheld his end of the bargain, and even though he said he wasn't tired he was out in five minutes, tops. Somehow I ended up leaning against Cameron again, and I'm sure we would've talked more, but I was seriously tired and started falling asleep pretty much as soon as Ethan was out. And it's possible I imagined it, but there was a warmth on my forehead and, well I think he wished me sweet dreams and kissed my forehead. But again, I could be totally delusional.


Gah. There was sunlight. Squeezing my eyes shut again I tried to figure out where I was. I always drew my curtains before I went to bed so I wouldn't wake with a face full of sunlight, had I forgotten last night? Shifting slightly I realized there was a weight on my lap. Okay. That was weird.

As soon as I saw the head of messy curls the night came back to me and I realized where I was. And just who I was with. Twisting around I saw that Cameron was still behind me. Aw. He looked a hell of a lot more innocent when he was unconscious then I think I'd ever seen him look normally. The VCR clock was blinking twelve at me, which I assumed was the wrong time. Very carefully I extracted myself from between the two Hendersons and let Ethan curl back up on his brother instead of me. The arm that the older one had had around my waist had a watch on it, so I checked the time there. Eight in the fucking morning. Hell, why was I awake?

Rubbing my eyes I started to tiptoe in the direction of Cameron's room so I could get my dress and purse and leave. On the way I ran smack dab into someone shorter then me. I was really hoping it wasn't Marcus as from last night I knew he could yell pretty damn loudly.

Backing up I blinked at Mrs. Henderson.

You've got to hand it to me. I meet people in the most interesting ways. "Er. Good morning." I was rubbing the back of my neck and looking more embarrassed then I probably should've been, after all, I hadn't exactly been doing anything wrong. I don't think.

She seemed fairly bewildered to see me for a moment. Which I couldn't exactly blame her for, I was a female she'd never met, tiptoeing around her house and dressed like a hobo in her son's clothes. "Good morning to you as well. Can I ask what you're doing here?"

Well, Cameron sure as hell didn't get her manners. "Uh, yeah, of course, I mean, I'm Reza, I was--Cameron and I were having dinner when you called and I thought I could help 'cos my dad's a doctor and--"

"What, you mean you met Cameron and still wanted to meet the rest of the family?" Should I be worried that she sounded a bit bewildered? Maybe.

"Er, yeah. Ethan's adorable, Mrs. Henderson." Good Reza, compliment the kids, that'll always win you points.

"Call me Madelyn. Would you like some breakfast before you leave?"

"I'm actually not big on the whole break--"

"I'll show you Cam's baby pictures."

"So, what's for breakfast?" I totally adored this woman already. I would have to introduce her to my mom, they'd get along smashingly. Actually, second thoughts, introducing them would mean embarrassing baby stories--my embarrassing baby stories, getting passed around. That I can live without.

I ended up having tea and helping Madelyn make breakfast for her three, and at the same time I got a ton of stories about Cameron. And I was informed that I should probably call him 'Cam'. I'm still working on that one. After breakfast was actually prepared she provided the promised baby, and small child pictures. And I've got to say, Cameron was an adorable little kid. Somehow Madelyn talked me into giving her an abridged version of my life story, and a less abridged version of how I met Cam. She seemed amused by that and I had the sinking suspicion she'd be using it against him at a later date. I begged out of staying for breakfast, and was actually in a cab heading out when she went to wake up Ethan, Marcus and Cameron. I left a note of course. And stole Cameron's clothes, but that's because they were damn comfortable to sleep in. In any case, the note was left on his bed where my dress had been, and I'm not entirely sure he'd find it, but here's to hoping.

I had a great time. We should do this again--Or something similar. You have my number, give me a call.


P.s. You were an adorable little kid.

The End