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Just as she finished revealing her master plan to her boyfriend, a casual Benjamin Mercadi strolled towards the not-so-happy couple, an air of smug 'I'm-better-than-you' surrounding him like a second shadow.

'Fuck, fuck, fuck, what does he want?' Nicky thought. Deep down inside, she knew the answer.

"What the fuck do you want?" Her boyfriend's vocals rang loudly through the morning air as arms tightened possessively around her body.

"Nicky," Benjamin's husky voice reached them," You left your bag in my car last night…"

By outright ignoring Jordan, Benjamin had infuriated his enemy more. Sweet.

Nicky slammed her body against her boyfriend's, but he pushed her out of the way easily. Nicky watched in horror from her sprawled position on the ground as her enraged boyfriend lunged at goading Benjamin, fists swinging.

Benjamin easily dodged the attacks, mouth curving into a sinister smirk, one of challenge, declaring smartly,' Bring it on, bitch.'

"Tsk, tsk, quite an abusive boyfriend you've got there Nicky," Benjamin said to Nicky casually sometime between dodging Jordan's attacks and retaliating with slick moves of his own.

"STOP IT! YOU'RE HURTING HIM!" She shrieked at Benjamin, not caring if Jordan's ego took a beating from his girlfriend's desperate screams that he was the one being beaten into pulp.

Nicky closed her eyes, whimpering. What happened to the girl who took charge in dangerous situations? Since dating Jordan, she'd changed and she wasn't sure if she liked it…

Eventually, some other guys on the football and basketball team, friends of Benjamin and Jordan alike, broke up the panting boys, one laughing and the other fuming.

'Idiot!' Nicky thought as she rushed to Jordan's side,' Why did you have to attack a guy who won the International Aikido Championships for four years running, the same guy who's taken kickboxing since he could walk? Oh and have I mentioned that you're a wide receiver and he's a fucking linebacker on the football team?' However, she held her words and just brushed some blood from Jordan's cut lip, wiping the mess on her jeans carelessly, torn.

Jordan looked a mess. He looked like was run over by a bus then fed to the lions before finally volunteering to be a human punching bag. Bruises were already starting to form on his gorgeous face. Blood streaked his chin and cheeks. A black eye was already visible. His jaw was swelling right before her very eyes. She was lost for words.

Nicky's heart wrenched painfully as Jordan cast her a cold glare and he limped off with some buddies, no doubt to find some ice from the sick bay. She stared after them, lost. Should she run after them? But, Jordan, when he was in his moods, would no doubt just push her aside. He needed time to calm down. There was only one more person left to outlet her anger on…

She swivelled around to glare at Benjamin, who raised a claim eyebrow.

"Not going after lover boy?" He inquired, baiting her.

'You…" She started furiously.

"Want to finish what your as asinine wimp of a boyfriend started?" Benjamin threw cheekily as his friends chuckled and clapped him on the back.

Instead of rushing to Jordan's defence though, Nicky did something odd. Well, something odd for someone of her nature and personality. She turned her heel and walked away, something she never did. Yes. She walked away. Perhaps, for the first time in her life, Nicky Ames walked away from a willing participant in a potential fight and walked eagerly to her morning lecture.

Benjamin Mercadi stared at the luscious posterior of the girl stalking away from him with a triumphant grin.

'Let the games begin,' He licked his lips. And he was the king of games…

"Come on man," Benjamin's best friend King jolted him," We're in her class."

A smirk fixed upon Benjamin's face as he jogged to catch up with the fuming brown-eyed strawberry blonde ten feet in front of him.

Running behind her swiftly, he lifted Nicky up and dumped her over his shoulder, jubilant as Nicky shrieked to high Heaven.

"Your boyfriend can't protect you now!" He told her ass cheerfully. Giving her bum a slap, he jogged towards the Faculty of Law building, pleased how this particular Monday morning is shaping out to be.

"Don't you love Mondays?" He said to a struggling Nicky. She gave another scream and clawed at his back with weak arms.

'I need to stop biting my nails,' Nicky thought ruefully. Clawing at Benjamin's back hurt her fingertips more than him it seemed.

"Ben!" A female voice greeted Ben as he burst through the front doors of the massive steel and glass wonder that was the Faculty of Law building. The female voice rambled a million miles a minute.

"There are rumours saying you and Jordan Daniels fought over his girlfriend in car park B8 this morning, is this true? You know dad would have your hide if you lost the fight!"

"I never lose," Nicky heard Benjamin's cocky voice reply before she found herself unceremoniously dumped onto the shiny linoleum floors of the main entrance hallway.

"Are you hurt?" A perky voice asked Nicky. She blinked, tailbone aching. And groaned.

A pair of blue eyes blinked down at her curiously. There was only one set of eyes a semi-shade lighter than Benjamin Mercadi's infamous stormy blue ones…

Great. Just what she needed first thing in the morning. Her boyfriend injured and Miss Nosy-Parker, overly optimistic, always happy Jade Mercadi, Benjamin's twin sister all up in her face, bringing with her the latest headlines from the gossip mill.

"God, why do you hate me?" Nicky asked to no one in particular. Lifting herself clumsily off the ground, she proceeded to walk into her class with her remaining dignity, only to turn around seconds later grabbing her bag from a smirking Benjamin.

"Buddha, you're conspiring with God and Allah to make my life miserable aren't you?" She growled as Benjamin Mercadi found himself, once again, staring at the swaying backside of one very irate Nicky Ames.