they call it the sagittarius strain
and there's no cure to find
they tell you you're blindly optimistic
or is it optimistically blind?
they know you're careless, baby
they've seen how superficial...
tell you you're irresponsible-
there ain't no hope for stupid girls
hush now babe, it's just me
come to fuck you over
those pretty eyes of yours are just
too easy to pull the wool over
go on, get restless on me
i built you up, i can tear you down
go on, get ruthless on me
i let you up, just to push you down
they call at the ungodly hours
telling you to get some sleep
take something for all your headaches
match their price if you expect to keep
(YOUR SANITY) is draining
the words on your pages swirl
they'll put you out to pasture-
there ain't no market for nothing girls
refrain x 1
chorus x 1
they see everything
they see everything
they see everything-
and you're nothing
refrain x 1
chorus x 2
refrain x 1