I remember a place where all seemed so bright
A place of abandon, a place where we might
If wanted to lie and forget who we are
I wish I was there so far and beyond

Pearls and jewels raining on us
One by one, they laugh upon us
Misery, grief and nothing but pain
Seem to be all we can attain

I wish I was there flying among
A million or so glittering stars
And leave behind all of the tears
And leave behind all of my fears

And tonight when I'll lay
In my eternal sleep,
I might regret it,I might be afraid
But I will find peace in the infinite

Take the ending as you want but when I wrote the end, tonight did not actually mean "tonight" but actually the day in which I will die. As if these were the last toughts had before dying. You can think this is about suicide, if it helps making the poem better ( XD kidding) but that's not what I meant.