TITLE: Remarkable

By: TheLaughingLiar102

Remarkable. That's what everyone wants to be: remarkable, something special, something the world will remember.

She wasn't any different. She just wanted to be special, to be recognized, to have the world know she had been there when she left.

'Is that really too much to ask?' She wondered as she sat in Geometry, pretending to listen as her teacher droned on. All she wanted was someone to know that she existed when she died. She didn't need to be famous, or well known, or popular. She didn't need to change history; she just wanted someone to know she was more than a face in the crowd… more than a stone marker in a graveyard with a dash between two dates.

Penny Hartford sighed. That wasn't going to happen any time soon. She had no friends, no life outside of school. She was too shy to talk to anyone, and whenever she did, all she managed to do was stumble over her words and sound like an idiot. It was so easy to get lost in the crowd at Walbrooke High; too simple to become one of the thousands attending school and going through the motions.

Penny wasn't anything special and she acknowledged that. She was an average student, an average athlete with an average life. She blended in perfectly. Penny was a sophomore and had attended school with most of her classmates in middle school and elementary school as well. Yet, she was still referred to as 'Oh, you mean her… that nice, really shy girl in our class?'. Penny was almost positive that no one knew her name, not even her teachers.

The bell rang. Penny left class, melding with the crowd, weaving her way through the halls, muttering the occasional 'excuse me' and 'sorry'. Penny spun her lock through its combination thoughtlessly. Penny could go through the actions mindlessly. It didn't even require her to be there, Penny thought humorlessly.

She had often wondered if anyone would even notice if she just stopped showing up one day; if she just disappeared… if she died. But she'd always concluded that no one would and since no one would, she couldn't go yet. She couldn't leave the world without having made a mark, without having at least one person besides her family cry at her funeral.

So Penny kept on walking. She kept on going to school. She kept on going through the motions. She kept on hoping. Because, after all, Penny thought logically, tomorrow something could happen. Tomorrow, Penny could say hi to someone and tomorrow someone could say hi back. Tomorrow she could make a friend, get the best test grade in the class or score the most points in gym. Tomorrow she could become special, she could make a difference, and she could become remarkable.

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