And Then There Were 3

The wind blew across the now empty dirt streets. Three bodies swayed in the breeze from the ropes around their necks. The burlap that covered their face's fluttered slightly in the breeze. A girl looked at the site before her with jet black eyes as tears of blood sat on her cheeks. A low growl escaped her lips. Soon everything went black. The girl came too tied to a bed, naked and a group of men were talking about what to do with her. She knew that if she pretended to be asleep they might just leave her alone but just the memory of what happened made the girl growled silently. She quickly closed her eyes as they turned towards her, and soon her side burned and they laughed. There footsteps were heard echoing in the halls as they descended the stairs and left her alone. She struggled against the ropes and the darkness till she got free. She redressed and looked up at the window. Her eyes went black as she found her way to the roof and jumped along the roof tops following the men to a local pub. She was about to jump down when she caught a glimpse of a blonde. The girl turned her attention to the pub and jumped down, blood pooled at her feet her once chocolate eyes now jet black. Her black cape was tattered and her clothes blood stained as she limped through the dusty dirt streets towards the pub. Blood ran down the side of her head and from the corner of her mouth. Her hand resting on the hilt of her sword and an inhuman growl escaped her lips.

"Now it's my turn fuckers…" Her voice was gruff and husky as she spoke. She walked into the pub and shoved the bouncer to the ground. "Stay outta this!" She hissed. She stopped glaring at a muscular man.

"Did you really think you could get away with raping me you fuckin pig?" She unsheathed her sword and twirled it in her hand before pointing it at the man.

"Rape? Not the way I see it witch! Law here says it's only rape if the woman isn't a witch." Him and the men he was sitting with laughed.

The girl lunged forwards burying her sword deep in the man's chest. "Fuck you." The girl smirked and removed the sword licking the blood from the blade. "May your soul NEVER rest in peace."

The four men he was sitting with all sat there in shock. "What the fuck are you?"

The girl simply smirked and removed his head with her sword. "I'm pissed."

Another of the guys stood drawing his sword. "You're not getting away with this bitch!"

The men jumped up and chased the girl out into the streets. She looked back to see how close they were and ran smack into a holy man. She looked at him with a bruised n battered face. "I'm sorry Mr. Holy Man." She helped him to his feet and started to walk around him.

"Hold up." the man of the cloth said as he grabbed the collar of the smaller girl. "What are you running from?" he said standing in front of her, a rusted sword in his hands.

She looked at the man. "See that mob following me? They took turns raping me…so I've killed two of them."

The tall man looked down at the girl before snarling and tightening the brown piece of cloth around his eyes and removing his hood. "In the name of the Lord I command thee to stop." he said raising a hand into the air at the mob as he hid the sword behind his back.

The girl cringed at his words and faced the crowd her sword drawn. The mob finally stopped. "Look priest stay outta this."

"No. I won't." he said revealing the rusted sword in his hand. "The laws of man are nothing against the laws of the Lord. What you have done is a crime in his and all of our eyes. You hide behind the lies of the human law to try and justify the deadly sin of lust ye have committed." he said raising his sword over his head and approaching the men.

"Look I don't wanna kill a holy man but I will if you don't stay outta this!"

The girl watched and stood next to the priest her eyes jet black. "You will lose if you chose to fight."

"You'd think that wouldn't you." he said looking down at her and smiled. "Let's just say I was taught much more then book smarts." he said charging at one of the men and slamming the blunt rusted sword into his hand, breaking the bones in his fingers.

The girl smirked. "You do it this way holy man." She lunged forward burying the sword deep into the chest of the man who cut her side.

"That really isn't necessary." the man sighed. "Come on let's get you patched up." he said placing an arm on her shoulder.

"It's ALWAYS necessary."

"Not really." he said leading the girl into the forest. The two walked in silence for a bit before they approached a small house in a clearing. "This is my place. You'll be safe here for a while. You don't have a problem with needles do you?" he asked.

"Keep needles away from me."

"We'll just do something else then." he said taking her to a bed and laying her down and hesitated before lifting her shirt slightly and blushed as he inspected the wound. His hand trembled in nervousness as he began to clean it.

The girl just looked at him calmly. "I don't bite too hard holy man."

"The name's Vincente, not 'Holy man'." he muttered, blushing harder. "I've just...well I'm very nervous when it comes to the opposite gender." he said as he wrapped her wound, he forced his eyes to not wander. "Sorry."

"Well Vinnie…" The girl sat up slowly. "Names Melanie…please call me Mel…and you are not the first person to be afraid of me so yea…no need to be sorry."

"I'm not afraid of you." he said looking into her eyes with a confused look on his face. "It's just that I get nervous around woman is all."

"The fact I'm a witch and well a legion doesn't bother you huh."

"My mother and grandmother were witches...the actual full blood witches so I guess I'm part witch." he said shrugging. "They had the 'w' on their hands and everything."

Mel showed him her hand. "Like this?"

"Yeah." he said looking at her hand. "They were hung when I was five." he said looking away.

"My mother and girlfriend were hung this morning, and my father was stoned to death for marring a witch." Mel fell silent and looked at her boots sighing heavily.

"I'm sorry." Vincente said laying a hand on her shoulder. "You can stay here if you'd like. I'm rather lonely and you shouldn't be moving around anyways. Do you want some food or anything?"

"Food sounds good."

"What do you want I have some food in the pantry." he said pointing towards the kitchen. "I have some water and wines to if you want."

"Water please, as far as food goes I'm not picky as long as if its meat and as long as it's on the bloody side we're ok."

"That's the only way I cook it." he laughed as he handed her a small cup of water. "I'll get cooking. If you want to wash up the bath is just around the corner there and the waters hot. If you need anything let me know and I'll see what I can do." he said as he left for the kitchen.

Mel nodded. "Thank you." Mel stood and walked to the bath and closed the door. She slowly took her cloths off and soaked in the hot water.

The steam filled the room as Mel washed. A few minutes later Vincente knocked on the door. "The food's ready whenever you are. I hope you don't mind if I dine with you I was kind of hungry too." he said before he walked away, sipping on a gourd filled with wine.

Mel looked at him. "It's fine."

"Okay. I'll wait for you at the table." he walked away and sat down at the table, pulling a book from inside his cloak and began to read when he heard Mel approaching.

Mel sat down and looked down and sat down quietly. "Smells good."

"Thanks." Vincente said as he cut into his food. "So I was wondering if you could tell me a little about yourself. I mean...for conversation's sake." he said offering her some wine.

"What more do you need to know? I'm a lesbian witch legion."

"I'm just trying to be friendly...." he paused and sighed before looking down at his food and biting into his bread.

"So how bout you Vinnie?"

"Nothing to me really." he looked at his glass as he swirled its contents loosing himself in the image of the sloshing liquid. "My mother and grandmother were killed when I was five and my father abandoned me after that and I was really raised by my grandfather. He was a priest and taught me what witch's really were like and to care for everyone equally, so there's really no reason for you to be afraid that I'll shun you just because of your beliefs." he said as he looked up at her and locked eyes with her.

Mel looked away quickly. "Don't look at me like that holy man…" Mel trailed off. "Last person to look at me like that ended up hurt…I don't want to hurt you…you've been so kind." She looked at him. "Please let me repay your kindness by making that sword of yours look brand new. All I need is two hours."

"You don't have to really." he looked at the sword. "I don't care if I end up hurt I feel as if I owe you something. How about I let you help me get the sword fixed, you don't have to repay anything I'm just being friendly."

Mel stood and took the sword from Vincente. "Shut it holy man I'm going to repay you by making this blade the best in this village." Mel growled a little holding the holy blade as it burned her a bit.

"Hey wait let me help. I don't want you to get hurt." he said handing her a pair of gloves and placing a hand on her forehead. "If you want I can make it so the blade won't hurt you."

Mel looked at him. "I'm a legion Vinnie, I hold eight demons, four vampires, two fallen angels, one dark elf, one valkery, and one lycon, nothing's going to help just get me some oil and polishing rags and a pummis stone."

Vincente handed her the materials before he sat across from her. "Let's just say there's a way to help and not through holy magic either." he watched as she worked on the blade. "I take it you like swords."

Mel leaned his sword against her shoulder and unsheathed her sword and handed it to Vincente. "I made that one." Mel went back to working on Vincente's sword.

"Christ! Oh uh sorry." he said looking over the blade. "MUCH better then ANYTHING I've ever done." he looked at the sword one more time before twirling it through the air and catching it by the blade and thrusting the hilt forward in an attack. "It's nice." he said handing her the sword.

Mel smirked. "Glad you like it." She wiped the sweat from her brow. "All I gotta do is polish and sharpen it."

"Thank you." he smiles. "I'll repay the favor somehow." he said sitting next to her smiling.

Mel smirked. "Don't worry about it, after this we're even."

"If you say so." he said lying down on the floor. "So where will you go after this?" he asked, looking over at her.

"I'd like to stay here if I may."

"Of course." he smiled. "But if you don't mind me asking, why?"

Mel smirked and handed him his sword. "Good as new."

"Thanks." he smirked. "You really didn't have to do that though." he said sheathing the weapon.

"Try it out."

Vincente grabbed the sword and swung it around a few times before switching to a double handed stance and thrusting it forward. "This is nice." he said looking down at her. "Thanks. I owe you one." he smiled.

Mel smiled. "It's the least I can do."

"Okay, so what do you do for fun." he said smiling. "I'm usually always working so I don't have much to do besides read." he said rubbing the back of his neck.

Mel chuckled. "I rip people hearts out."

Vincente stared at her. "That's a little unnecessary don't you think?" he smirked.

Mel laughed. "I was joking holy man. For fun I make weapons. Swords, daggers, sai's, pikes stuff like that."

"Oh, well that's better." he laughed. "I don't have any materials to make weapons for you sorry. I'll get you some in the morning if you'd like though."

Mel looked at him and stood sitting across from him setting the black pieces on the board. "Its not important but if you'd like."

He sat down on a chair near the table."How about a game of chess then?" he said thinking for a moment. "I just want you to have something to do while I'm gone so I'll pick up some things later on." he said as he made his first move. "Thanks." he smirked.

How can you be trusting? Remember what happened?

Shut up Enyo and just stay on guard ok Mel looked at Vincente and nodded before moving. "What are you thanking me for?"

"No one ever really treated me with kindness." he said examining the board. "They usually treat me with anger cause of my beliefs that witches aren't evil and gypsies aren't animals that you can sell on the market." he moved his rook diagonally three spaces before sighing. "I'm not exactly an 'orthodox' or 'by the book' cleric."

Mel smirked and put his rook back where it was. "Rooks can't move diagonally Vinnie."

"Oops." he said putting it back. "Sorry I'm not thinking."

"It's ok I really suck at this game anyways."

Vincente laughed as he moved another pawn. "Its ok." he said looking at her, lost in thought.

Mel stood and flicked him behind the ear. "It's not polite to stare holy man."

"Huh, what? Oh sorry." he said rubbing his ear. "Just...uh..It's nothing." he said laughing to himself.

"It's just what?" Mel looked at him funny.

"It's nothing...really." he said looking off.

Mel shook her head. "You lie worse then that bear skin rug over there now talk."

Vincente muttered something under his breath before looking off and sighing. "Sorry I'm nervous."

She leered at him. "Fine you won't talk now we'll go to the tavern and get a few cups of mead in ya…ya talk then. Come on lets go."

"What?" he said looking at her confused.

"Come on!" Mel pulled him to his feet and towards the door.

"WHA?!" he screamed as he almost fell over. "Are you insisting I get drunk?" Vincente asked confused.

"No I'm insisting you buy me a drink." Mel gave him a soft smile.

Vincente blushed and looked around for a minute. " aren't testing me or something are you?"

Mel smirked. "Maybe." She winked as she walked out of the shack.

Vincente stood in the door way for a moment before looking at the sky and muttered "I'm confused." before walking after her. "Wait up!"

Mel chuckled. "Hurry up holy man so far you're failing."

Vincente chuckled and burst into a run and caught up to her. "How about now?" he asked laughing.

She smiled. "Just barely passing you have a D now."

"What if I buy you a drink and run faster?" he chuckled.

"You might get a B."

"Damn, what do I have to get an A?" he laughed. "Carry you?" he said turning around to face Mel.

Mel just laughed. "Dunno ask me later."

Vincente grumbled playfully before entering the town and putting up his hood, hiding his face. "I recommend you do the same, I don't like this part of town." he said rather seriously.

Mel nodded and put her hood up. "Its ok we don't like it either. Let's go to that tavern there."

"Lead the way." he said as he wrapped his body in his cloak and followed Mel.

Mel walked into the tavern and saw a young girl whose silky blonde hair sat on her shoulders. She brought a table of guys their drinks and a rather large man grabbed her and pulled her into his lap so her back was to him and started to kiss on her neck and fondle her chest after her ripped her dress, His other hand sliding up her dress.

Tears soon ran down the girls cheeks. "Please don't."

Mel growled as Enyo took over. She walked over and in one fluid motion she had her cloak wrapped around the girl and was standing in front of her with her sword pointed at the guy's chest. Her black eyes pierced his green ones. "The girl told you not to do that, now you pig you deal with me."

A man yelled at her from behind the bar. "Hey bitch that's my daughter and letting the men do what they want with her makes me money so bugger off!"

Mel's black eyes fell on the man behind the bar. "You treat your own flesh and blood this way?" Mel removed the medium sized money bag she took off one of the guys she killed and tossed it to him. "She no longer belongs to you, she's now mine."

The man opened it. "Damn she's all yours bitch."

Mel then slit the man's throat and took the young girls hand and walked outside. "You're free now. Do as you please." Mel sheathed her sword as Enyo slowly faded away.

The girl threw herself into Mel's arms. "Thank you so much." She buried her face in Mel's chest and cried. "May I stay with you? I've no place to go."

Mel looked at Vincente. "Well Vin?"

Vincente looked at the girl and then at Mel before nodding. "I'd be happy to let her stay." he said before he rose from his seat and kissed his cross before walking to the bartender. "May ye soul never know the rewards of Heaven and the grace of our lord. I hereby damn thy dark soul to the pits of Hell where ye shall never find the rest that awaits us all and ye shall pay for thy sins before given the chance to repent. All of ye repent now and see the light and change your wicked way from the life of sin." he left the bar angered as he looked at the girls and put his hood over his head. "I hate having to do that to people."

Mel let the girl wear her cloak. "I could always go rip their hearts out and damn them." A sly smirk formed across her lips.

"I did worse in my eyes." Vincente sighed. "You just hand them the pain and damnation...what I did lets it sink in and torment them for the rest of their life...I think that's more terrible then a short end...a long torturous emotionally damaging existence and a fiery end." Vincente closed his eyes before walking away from the two slowly. "I'll take you guys back to the house."

The girl smiled. "Hey holy man, don't be sad. They deserve the worst, they don't deserve to be forgiven. Beside what you two did for me tonight is your forgiveness for what you did."

Vincente sighed and bowed his head. "But are sins ever really forgiven? I guess the world of the living will never know." he said walking with his head bowed. He sighed heavily before approaching his house and opening the door. He removed his robe and placed it over a chair. "This is my place basically. There is a room down the hall you can stay in. It is my room but I never sleep in it so you can have it."

The girl looked at him. "I couldn't take your room please you stay in it, I'll share her room really it's ok."

Mel swallowed hard. "Um ok I'll show you where it's at." Mel led the girl to her room.

Soon the girl slowly removed Mel's cloak and then started to slowly remove her dress her creamy skin glistened with a very fine layer of sweat. "Please let me repay your kindness."

Mel swallowed hard looking at the girl's creamy skin. "Not that I wouldn't love to do that it's not necessary for you to repay me in that manor." Mel once again wrapped the girl up with her cloak. "I'll ask Vinnie if he has some thread that you can use to mend your dress." Mel kissed her on the forehead and walked from the room. "Hey Vinnie got any thread?"

"Yes." he walked over to the cupboard and grabbed a few rolls of thread and a needle. "I hope you know how to use these things because I butcher anything it touches." he said blankly. His eye's cold and sad.

Mel shook her head. "I've no clue how to… hopefully the girl knows how." Mel took the thread and needle. "Thank you." She walked back to the bedroom and set them on the bed. "Hope you know how to use um."

The girl sat down and smiled. "Yes I do, thank you…" The girl paused looking at Mel.

"Oh the names Melanie but please call me Mel."

The girl smiled. "Thank you Mel. My name is Rikki. Who's your boyfriend?"

"Um…yea…he's not my boyfriend he's a cleric who saved me, his name is Vincente. I call him Vinnie."

Rikki smiled as she patched up her dress and then put it on. "Come, let's go keep him company."

The two girls walked out. "Please Mr. Holy man, let me cook you a hot meal as a way of thanking you for what you did tonight."

"It isn't necessary or recommended to reward the damnation of a soul." he said looking at her with a saddened countenance. "But if you wish you will find a full pantry in the kitchen." he said pointing behind him.

As she walked past him she placed a kiss on his cheek. "Name's Rikki by the way." She smiled and walked to the kitchen.

Vincente blushed. "What was that for?" he said looking at Mel confused.

Mel shrugged. "I guess she's friendly."

"Maybe to friendly." he said placing a hand on his cheek lost in thought.

Mel laughed. "You liked it and you know it."

Vincente shrugged lightly and smirked. "Rather she didn't scare me like that." he laughed.

"Stop complaining or I'll not cook for you." Rikki poked her head out of the kitchen.

Vincente shrugged and returned to his book. "Not saying it was bad or anything but you scared me was all...I get nervous around woman easily."

Mel chuckled and walked into the kitchen. "Need any help?"

Rikki smiled. "Get me a pan."

Mel searched the kitchen till she found a pan. "Here…" Mel was cut off by a deep kiss from Rikki. "Whoa um…not…not that I'm complaining but um….um what was that….that for?"

Rikki laughed at the red faced girl. "Thank you." She finished up the food. "OH HOLY MAN DINNER!"

"Yes?" Vincente said poking his head into the kitchen, trying his best to look cheerful. "I'll set he table."

Rikki playfully jumped on his back. "Smile Mr. holy man."

Vincente looked at her before walking over to the table, Rikki still on his back. "I just have alot on my mind is all I'm sorry."

Rikki hopped off. "Like?" She looked at him and then put her hands on her hips and started to tap her foot. "Well?"

"Tell you later." Vincente said sitting down. "Let's just enjoy each others company."

Rikki made a pouty face. "Ok but after dinner talk got it?"

Vincente shrugged. "We'll see what happens."

Rikki made a pouty face. "You suck."

"If you say so." Vincente smirked. "Just sit." he laughed.

Mel laughed. "You two play nice."

Vincente shrugged lightly before pouring himself a glass of wine from the decanter and passed it to Mel. "Help yourself, its good."

Mel and Rikki sat down and Mel poured them each a goblet of wine. "Smells good Rikki."

"Yeah it does." Vincente said as he grabbed his knife and fork.

Rikki smiled. "Well it's the only thing I can do beside pour drinks to say thank you." Rikki looked at Vincente then Mel. "I really am thankful for what you did, thank you again both of you."

"There really isn't thanks deserved for what I did so don't try." Vincente shrugged.

Rikki sighed. "I meant for taking me away from there."

Mel looked at her plate then smirked and tossed a pea at Vincente hitting him in the cheek. "Cheer up Vinnie and I'll make ya a beautiful dagger."

Vincente cracked a soft smile before looking at the roof. "Just deep in thought ignore it. I'll be fine." he smiled at Mel. "See."
Mel tosses another pea at him. "Stop thinking then."

"Stop throwing peas then." Vincente laughed flicking a pea in retaliation.

Rikki laughed. "Both of you behave." She looked at Mel. "You make weapons?"

Mel nodded. "Yea why you want me to make you one?"

Rikki nodded. "Please I'm sick of always being a victim."

Mel nodded. "Yea I can do that." Mel returned to her food. "I'll make you guys stuff tomorrow."

"Yeah. I got you some materials in your room." Vincente said pointing to Mel's room.

"Really? Well, I'll go get started after dinner then." They ate the rest of their meal in silence. Mel finished and washed her plate and then took the silver cross off the wall and walked out of the house as the silver burned her flesh. She sat out in the yard and built a fire and headed the end of the cross. She then filed it into the sharpest blade she had ever made aside from her sword. She set the cross on a tree stump and sat by the fire as she watched the burns on her hands heal. "Hmm…what to make Rikki?" Mel sat and stared at the materials.

Make her sai's.


Yes you know what those are right?

Yes Enyo I know that's a good idea thanks

Mel quickly got to work on the sai's. After hours of hard work Mel took a deep breath. She saw the sun had set hours ago yet the lights were still on in the shack. Mel gathered the newly forged weapons and walked into the shack. "Here Vinnie I hope you like that." She handed him the newly modified jeweled silver cross. She then looked at Rikki. "Hope you like um, I'll show you how to use um in the morning I'm tired."

Rikki looked at the silver sai's and the way Mel braided the leather round the handles and smiled. "They're beautiful, Mel, thank you."

Mel nodded to them. "I'm off to bed night."

The sun rose early the next morning and Mel winced in pain as she tried to stretch she growled a little bit looking to her right and seeing blonde hair on her are shoulder. For the first time since her mother and Kristen were hung Mel genuinely smiled. Rikki moaned softly and cuddled closer to Mel. Mel moved the best she could but to no avail Rikki snuggled so she was on top of Mel. "And where do you think your going hmm?"

Mel laughed. "Well I was gunna go to the bathroom then I was going to cook breakfast then I was gunna eat then I was gunna go outside and practice my hand to hand then practice my sword then I was gunna eat again then I was thinking of a hot bath then maybe dinner then I don't know."

Rikki laughed and sat up still on Mel and brushed her hair out of her face as her bare chest seemed to keep Mel's attention. "See something you like?"

Mel's gaze shifted from the younger girl's chest to her sparkling green eyes. "Maybe..."

Rikki giggled. "Is that so?" Mel nodded. "Well what would you say if I told you I took advantage of you while you were asleep?"

"I'd say you're a liar." Mel chuckled.

"Aw, why?" Rikki giggled through a pout.

"Because you're still alive." Mel laughed.

"What?" Rikki looked confused and giggled.

"If you had done what you claimed Enyo would have ripped your heart out." Mel's face was serious but she chuckled.

"Who's Enyo?" Rikki cocked her head to the side.

"If you let me go to the bathroom first I'll tell you." Mel laughed.

"Hurry up sexy or I'll get cloths on." Rikki rolled off Mel and watched the older girl walk out of the room.

The house was empty except for her and Rikki. "Hmm maybe I did see something I liked." Mel chuckled as she walked back into the bed room and smirked seeing Rikki was still just how she left her, naked. Mel got back in bed and smiled. "So where were we?"

Rikki smirked and straddled Mel's abs again and blushed at the moan that escaped her lips. "You were about to tell me who Enyo was."

"Oh right." Mel smiled. "You have technically already met her."


"Last night, when Vinnie and I came to your rescue." Mel chuckled.

Rikki again cocked her hear to the side. "What you didn't look any different?"

"That's because you didn't see my eyes." Mel smirked. "But someone is pretty turned on."

Rikki blushed. "What makes you say that?"

Mel laughed. "Cause your wet as hell."

Rikki blushed more. "Am not…"

Mel laughed. "Then you done pissed on me and that well that's just rude."

Rikki blushed. "I well I…"

Mel lifted up best she could and pulled Rikki to her and kissed her deeply to shut her up. "Um sorry…I…"

Rikki blushed more at Mel's actions and kissed back then looked at Mel and smirked. "Ok missy do you plan on finishing what that kiss just started?"

Mel smirked. "And just what did I start huh? As far as I know you just like teasing me and really want Vinnie."

Rikki blushed. "So what if I like you both…"

Mel got a smug look and put her hands behind her head. "Oh I see so I'm just some play thing till you get the holy man huh?"

"That's not true I…" Rikki looked down at Mel and leaned in and kissed her deep grinding against her.

"Now who's teasing?" Mel sighed. "Unlike you I like woman."

"Hey don't matter to me if you're a guy or a girl…but in this case I happen to like you both a lot."

"Well hate to say it but eventually you'll have to choose." Mel's voice was somber as she spoke.

Rikki leaned down and kissed Mel deeply. "We'll see about that." Rikki kissed the older girl girding against her again. "Until then shut up and make love to me." Rikki purred the older girls name and bit down on her neck.

"Demanding I see…" Mel moaned slightly and reversed their positions and had Rikki pinned to the bed. Mel slowly started kissing down the young blonde's body taking her time getting to the anticipated destination. Rikki groaned and tried to force Mel to go faster. Mel stopped and looked up at Rikki. "Problems?"

"Yes your being mean and going slow."

Mel smirked and without hesitating slipped two fingers in keeping a quick pace. "Better?"

Rikki closed her eyes and moaned loudly. "Perfect…"

Even though the pace was quick Mel was surprisingly gentle. She continued down the girl's body replacing her fingers with her tongue. Rikki gasped and screamed the older girl's name. Mel smirked and didn't stop what she was doing till the younger girl stopped shaking. After she did Mel kissed up her lover's body and then laid down next to her on her side and Rikki rolled over and held her tightly. "By the gods that was…" Rikki could barely speak she was breathing so heavily.

"No it was just wasn't forced on you that's all." Mel sighed a little and closed her eyes.

Rikki slowly drifted off to sleep in the older girls arms.

Mel shook her head. "So much for my plans." Mel laid there and held the younger.

As Rikki slept a horrible image entered her head. 'A large black demon with a dragon like head stood before her. Its wings had spikes on the top and across the middle and along the bottom. Hanging on the wings was barbwire, chains, and chainmail. Its chest help a blood stained breast plate and the arms were taped from elbow to wrist with blood stained tape. Its tail swayed slightly behind it the spade glistened off what little light there was and its jet black eyes pierced her green ones. It raised one arm and pointed at her. As it did Rikki saw it had the same necklace on as Mel…' Rikki shot up in bed and looked around seeing she was still in bed with Mel and relaxed a little and laid back down and looked at the ceiling. "What was that?" Rikki spoke softly. "I'll talk to Mel about it later with Vinnie."

Hours passed and the girls were awakened by the smell of cooking meat. Mel yawned and stretched best she could with Rikki lying on her shoulder. Mel smiled and looked over at the younger girl still laying on her.