Chapter 3:

Us: 1 Them: 0

Mel sat on a log reading the fire as Rikki's music filled the night air and Vincente was practicing his hand to hand on a poor tree. After a while Mel snapped out of her meditative state and stood with her sword drawn and an inhuman growl escaped her lips. Rikki stood and backed away from Mel slowly. A fine black mist soon started to form behind Rikki and Mel dove at her.

Rikki screamed and dove out of the way. "Mel what the fuck is wrong with you?"

Mel stood and slow turned around bloody holding a heart in one hand and a head in the other. "Smoker Demons…" She growled again the figures appeared off in the distance again. Before Rikki had time to react a dagger came flying at her. Mel growled and jumped in front of the younger girl taking the dagger in the chest.

"Mel!!!" Rikki screamed and fell to her knees pulling Mel to her removing the dagger. She exhaled in relief seeing the wound wasn't life threatening.

Seeing what happened Vincente went tearing off towards the group cutting down smokers as he went a growl of anger exited his lips.


Melanie slowly opened her eyes and then closed them again because of the light. She winced in pain and went to rub her chest but found she was unable to move, the pressure on her chest told her one thing, she was a pillow. And whose pillow she knew exactly. "Your hair will be red if you keep lying on my wound and making it bleed angel..." Mel spoke weakly.

A groan was heard as the pressure from her chest lifted for a second then spread to her whole body as warm lips covered in salty tears soon met her own dry lips. "Never scare me again like that Mel...I thought I lost you..." Once again salty lips pressed against hers even wetter with tears then before.

Mel could once again move her arms and she wrapped them around her young lover. "Come now you know I'd never leave you." She tried her best to comfort her crying angel.

Tears soon fell on Mel's chest as lips met her neck. "Just please...I don't want you hurt or worse protecting me."

Mel quickly reversed their positions and looked her lover in the eyes. "My life, for word is my long as I still breathe NOTHING will harm you....I will take the blow so you can live....this is my oath...only to you my love no one else...I swear this to life...for yours...for without you my life is nothing..." Mel paused for a moment to keep her emotions in check. "Understand that don't want to know what I'd do if I lost you angel."

The younger girl closed her eyes and pulled Mel closer to close Mel couldn't get any closer. "I'd die without you here by my side."

"You won't die as long as I breathe angel." Mel buried her face in her lover's neck.

"I never want you to leave my side Mel never." Rikki held Mel tightly.

Mel sighed. "I won't..."

"Swear to me that if one of us falls the other will live on." Rikki's ice green eyes burned into Mel's.

"Don't talk like that angel neither..."

"Swear to me!" Rikki took a serious tone.

"Ok ok I swear." Mel looked at Rikki worried.

Vincente finally didn't hear voices and poked his head in the room seeing Mel sitting on the end of the bed while Rikki washed the wound. "Hey you're up...if you're up to it I made'll be nice to set three plates again." Vincente smiled softly and went to set the table for three. He whistled a cheerful tune as he washed the table off before he set it. Rikki soon came out of the bedroom helping Mel to the table. Vincente smiled. "You know she was pretty pathetic while you were out."

Rikki slapped Vincente's arm as she sat down next to Mel. Mel looked at Vincente and winced. "How..." Mel swallowed hard and winced again. "How long was I out?"

Vincente looked at Rikki then at Mel. "About two and a half weeks."

Before Mel could say anything a tiny meow was heard and a small black cat with a bandaged back leg awkwardly jumped into Mel's lap. "What happened to his leg?"

Rikki laughed. "Holy man fell on the poor little guy."

Mel cocked an eyebrow. "How?"

"He fell out of a tree." Rikki scratched the kittens head as it purred.

"So what's his name?" Mel pet the purring kitten and smiled softly.

Vincente blushed. "I only landed on her because the branch broke...and her name is Jinx."

Mel chuckled. "Your name should be Jinx Vinnie." Mel chuckled and scratched the kitten's chest. The kitten let out a squeaky meow and Mel smiled. "No worries Jinx I'll make sure you get some of that roast."

Vincente laughed. "And why should kitty get some roast?"

Mel smirked and held the kitten up. "Cause hers injured and it's your fault."

Rikki laughed. "She's got you there holy man."

"Nice to see you still have your bratty disposition...fine I'll make her a small plate." Vincente chuckled and looked at the kitten. "You're lucky you're cute."

Rikki giggled. "Don't talk about my Mel like that."

Mel shook her head. "He meant the kitten."

Vincente shook his head and chuckled. "I meant the kitty dear brat the kitty."

Rikki simply stuck her tongue out at Vincente. "I maybe a brat but you guys wouldn't have me any other way.

Mel smirked. "I'll take you whatever way I can get you."

Rikki blushed and hid her face. "Stop it."

Vincente simply smirked then pointed at Rikki and began to laugh hysterically. "You embarrass sooooo easy!!"

Mel chuckled at the fact Rikki was getting redder. Rikki folded her arms across her chest and huffed. "Can it holy man or I'll get you good."

"Can you see me shaking in my boots?" Vincente held his sides.

"That's it I'mma get you!" Rikki dove across the table sending Vincente to the floor and unmercifully tickled him. "Gunna give holy man?"

"Never!" Vincente returned the tickles.

The young blonde squealed and squiggled and tickled more. "Give holy man!"

"I have minions blonde give!" Vincente laughed.

"I have minions too Holy give!" Rikki laughed harder.

Mel stood with Jinx. "Well the minions are leaving the room cause they both hurt to bad to help when it's time to eat come get us." Mel laughed as she carried the little black kitten to her bedroom and laid the kitten down on Rikki's pillow and then lay down on the bed and groaned. Jinx squeaked and limped over by Mel and purred curling up by her head.

Rikki laughed. "Damn it our minions are gone."

Vincente laughed. "I think we were talking about the same minion...truce? Holy man hungry."

Rikki laughed. "I'll go get the minions you set the table." Rikki walked to the bedroom and saw Mel and Jinx. "Aww now this is cute." Rikki walked quietly into the room and kissed the little black kitten on the head and then leaned in and kissed Mel softly at first then slowly got deeper. "Dinner is on the table my love come on."

Mel stretched and winced then slowly sat up. "Since you asked so nicely angel."

Rikki laughed and ruffled Mel's hair and patted the kitten on the head. "Come you two before the holy man eats it all." Rikki smiled and walked out of the room.

Mel stood up and shook her head then leaned over and picked up Jinx. "Come on lets go get you that roast lil girl." Jinx yawned and stretched and squeaked a little meow as Mel picked her up and carried her to the table. Mel smirked seeing the small plate with roast on it. Mel set the kitten down by the plate and the kitten meowed happily and ate the roast.

Vincente laughed at the kitten as she finished up and crawled into his lap and curled up purring. "So how is it?"

Rikki laughed. "It's ok."

Mel shook her head n chuckled. "It's great...didn't realize how hungry I was till now."

Vincente's eyes got wide as he watched Mel empty her plate just about as fast as Jinx emptied hers. "Would you like more? Maybe you'll actually chew this plate."

Rikki laughed as Vincente set a second plate down in front of Mel. "Now chew love." Rikki laughed again.

Mel blushed heavily at Vincente and Rikki's words and ate the second plate allot slower. "Sorry."

Rikki smiled and rubbed Mel's upper thigh "We understand it's been awhile since you ate but slow down I don't want to see you choke."

Mel moaned slightly at her lover's touch and whimpered at her body's reaction. "You keep that up and I just might."

Rikki smirked. "From just that?"

"It's been two weeks angel so yea just from that." The brown eyed girl whimpered. "Pathetic demon I know."

Rikki smiled. "Nope you're not pathetic my demon…trust me I've known some very pathetic people and you're not one of them and neither is Vinnie."

Vincente looked up from his plate with his fork hanging from his mouth. "Hmm?" He tried to speak without opening his mouth and losing his fork.

Mel smirked and bounced a roll off his head and it landed in his plate. "No talking with your fork in your mouth."

Vincente picked the roll up and proceed to butter it and set his fork down on his plate. "Before I was so rudely interrupted by a flying roll..." Vincente laughed. "I was going to say just because Rikki's touch can make you hot doesn't make you pathetic and your no demon Mel trust me if you were Rikki's touch wouldn't faze you and you sure as hell wouldn't love her as much as you do."

Mel couldn't help but laugh at the fact Jinx was eating Vincente's roast. "kitty….your…food…" Mel fell from the chair laughing.

Rikki sat there for a moment and laughed then went to Mel's side. "Are…" Rikki laughed more than composed herself. "Are you ok love?"

"I'm fine…" Mel held her sides and laughed harder.

Vincente picked the small black cat up by the scruff of her neck and leered at her. A tiny mew was heard and she licked the end of his nose. Vincente sighed and set the kitten back in his lap. "You're lucky you're cute." Jinx mewed and then sat there staring at Vincente with the sad kitten face. "…Fine you win."

Mel crawled back into her chair and picked the kitten up off her plate. "His roast wasn't enough huh." Mel put the kitten in her lap and shook her head.

Rikki laughed. "Aww sooooo cute!" Rikki was soon silenced by a roll to the face. "HEY!!!"

Mel chuckled. "What? The evilness of the kitten made me do it yea that's it." Mel grinned widely.

"Nice try love!" Rikki tackled Mel as the three tumbled to the floor. Jinx slithered out of the mess and limped over to Vincente again and hopped in his lap as Rikki bit and playfully punched Mel.

"They tried to squished you." He said as he scratched behind the kitten's ears. Jinx purred happily as she lay down in Vincente's lap.

Rikki continued to beat Mel till the wound on her chest bled. "Ok, ok, ok I give you win I'm bleeding." Mel laughed.

Rikki stopped and eyes got wide. "Oh by the goddess I'm sorry I so forgot about that!"

Mel stood shaky and sat back in her chair chugging her mead. "Its fine angel…" Mel whimpered a little looking at Rikki.

Vincente soon picked up Jinx. "We're gunna go start the fire, you stitch her back up and do whatever then meet us out there ok?"

Rikki smiled. "Yea sure Vin we'll definitely meet you out there after I'm done with Mel." Rikki watched Vincente nod and walk out of the cabin and Rikki turned and pulled Mel to her and kissed her deeply full of raw emotion. While they were kissing Mel unbuttoned Rikki's shirt as she backed up towards the bedroom. Once in there Mel removed Rikki's shirt then her own and pushed Rikki down to the bed and then started to kiss down her body taking her time kissing down to her pants. Rikki pleaded with Mel to not tease her like that. "Please my sweet it's been two very long weeks without your touch please I want you so bad right now I can taste it."

"You can huh?" Mel teased as she ever so slowly removed Rikki's pants and kissing the newly exposed flesh. She mixed nips and bites in there to make her young lover moan and twitch. Before Rikki could scold her for teasing she slipped her tongue in deep and quick rolling her lovers clit between her fingers and she continued with her tongue. After the fifth time of Rikki kicking her in the head for trailing her nails along her inner thigh Mel kissed up the girl's body quickly slipping two fingers in quickly and kept a rough quick pace as she kissed the blond deep and rough. Rikki bit down on Mel's lower lip causing the older girl to moan and kiss her again. It didn't take Mel to much longer to have Rikki biting into her shoulder to silence her screams as she climaxed.

Rikki looked up and Mel and saw she was still bleeding. "Oh shit…I was supposed to stitch you up…"

"Do it now?" Mel chuckled weakly watching her lovers bare chest rise and fall as she laid there on the bed next to her. "You know how beautiful you are angel?"

"You're just saying that because I'm naked." Rikki blushed and sat up getting her cloth's on. "Stay there I'll go get the needle and stuff."

Mel lay on the bed in her bra and leather pants and smirked. "I mean it angel even dressed your beautiful."

Rikki walked backed into the room with everything she needed and washed the wound off while kissing Mel's very defined abs. "Ready for the really painful part?" Mel nodded. "Ok here we go." Rikki cringed every time Mel growled. "Almost done sweetie."


Vincente looked up at the two girls as they walked outside. "Bout time you two joined us."

Mel smirked standing there in her bra. "Yea well she's demanding when she hasn't had sex in two weeks."

"But she…" Vincente's mouth was soon covered with Rikki's hand.

"What I did alone while she out is not important." Rikki glared at Vincente and turned to face him speaking only loud enough for him to hear. "What we did while she was down would kill her. She doesn't need to know about the week we slept together."

Vincente looked at her and nodded. "Ok, ok I won't tell Mel how you used her swords hilt to get off."

"VINNIE!!!!!!" Rikki turned a deep red and she hid her face in Mel's chest.

Mel wrapped an arm around Rikki and laughed. "You used the hilt to my sword huh."

"Shut up…" Rikki blushed bad. "It's not like I cheated on you or anything we aren't a couple…"

"Yea stop reminding me…" Mel let Rikki go and walked out of the room. Mel walked outside and for the hell of it she sniffed the hilt of her sword and it smelled of metal and Mel smirked. "I knew it." Mel soon had her shirt off and was pummeling a tree. She didn't stop either hearing Rikki's voice she actually started hitting it harder.

After hearing Rikki yell Vincente went outside. He saw Rikki sitting on a log crying and Mel with bloody fists beating the holy hell out of the largest thickest tree not holding anything back. "Mel…" Vincente walked over and placed a hand on Mel's shoulder and then in two swift motions he had Mel on the ground and he spoke just to her. "Enyo relinquish your hold on Mel now so I can talk to her right now demon."

Mel looked up at him with brown eyes. "What?"

"Your actions are hurting Rikki stop now please." Vincente's voice was soft as he spoke.

Mel sighed and got out of Vincente's hold and walked away. "Why should I care? We aren't a couple or anything." Mel made her way to house and washed her tore up her hands and then bandaged them.

Vincente looked at Rikki. "You love her a lot more then you let on don't you." Rikki just nodded a bit. "Then damn it get in there and tell her she's more then just your fuck buddy."