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Chapter One: Lost Glasses

Hudson had never been good with people, once he'd hit his teens and realised that he was different from the majority of other people around he decided talking to them was pointless.

School didn't suit him, to say the least, teachers brought out the rebellious side in him and students brought out the aggressive one. Though generally he kept himself to himself, aware of but not bothered by the rumors that surrounded him. Most of them were true anyway.

Yes he drank. Yes he smoked. Yes his mother was a slutty alcoholic that was nearly never at home. Yes his father had run off with… well he himself had never been quite sure who his father had run off with, but the rumor mill came up with a new idea nearly every month.

The only reason Hudson was still in school was his History teacher had threatened to send social services out to his house if he cut one more time. That was something he couldn't afford to have happen… and so he sat and glared at the back of every classroom each day. Hiding behind choppy layers of green hair and dark aviators.

My first day at Florence High was hectic to say the least and I was sure that everything I had been told and shown would somehow find a way to confuse me. I was hustled into classrooms late after my guide ditched me; handed homework that may as well have been written in Latin and to top it all my bag broke as I was leaving the building. Perfect.

With most of my stuff in my arms I collapsed on the steps by the main entrance and proceeded to try and fix my bag while waiting for my ride. Seth should have been waiting, but he was always late so it didn't really bother me.

With the strap rigged to keep everything together I leaned back on my hands, surveying my surroundings and trying to remember the layout of the school I would have to navigate by myself the next day. Just as I had thought that morning, I couldn't remember a thing.

I was yanked from my day dreaming as someone crushed my hand in their hurry to get down the steps. A pair of beaten up boots stormed down the steps next to me. Luckily enough I moved my hand before the second person could inflict more pain on it.

Trying to remain inconspicuous and take in everything is not as easy as it sounds, and I happen to be the worst at it. I've been told my eyes become huge and I take on the appearance of a deer in the headlights.

The old boots belonged to the same guy that I had found was in the majority of my classes, though I had no idea who he was. His hair fell to his shoulders in layers, different shades of green overlapping each other and I hadn't yet seen him without those sunglasses. The guy moving after him at a more reasonable pace was short, stocky, with a purple mohawk and a ring through his septum. "Hudson man… Come on! We all know your mom's out of town again. Let us crash at yours."

The taller guy, who I took to be Hudson, crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow. I took a moment to wonder how he looked so good in his uniform… a uniform that made me look like some scrawny kid trying on his dad's work suit. Then he spoke and yeah I was eavesdropping like nothing else. "Reggie… You don't like me. I hate you. Lets leave our relationship as it is."

Reggie looked more than a little pissed at Hudson's comment, I just looked at Hudson and wondered where anyone could get flares like that. They were tight enough to have me drooling until they hit his knees and flared wider than I'd seen outside of a picture of my mom in the seventies. I would have looked unbelievably stupid in them, how did he pull it off?

I toned the perving down when Reggie spoke, "Look man we don't all have flaky skanks for mothers, it'll just be me and a couple of the guys. You won't even know we're there."

I don't think Reggie expected it. I know I was ever so slightly surprised. Hudson looked the same as ever, though it's hard to know what someone looks like when you can only see part of their face. The stocky teen rolled over next to me and glared up at the other as he stood. There was no blood, just the imprint of Hudson's right hand, rings and all, on the side of Reggie's face.

For a little guy Reggie hit pretty hard, and as Hudson spat blood next to my bag and regained his balance Reggie's voice was hard and angry, "What the fuck is your problem man, you've let us crash before. Why not now?"

As Hudson looked up the curtain of hair moved and I had to bite my lip as I got my first glimpse of his eyes. I don't know where his glasses went but that thought became unimportant as I looked up from behind my bangs at angry blue eyes. As Reggie hit the floor again I began to wonder if I should just move out of their way and let them fight. With a sharp kick to the gut Hudson spat more blood and shrugged, "Because."

He turned to leave and for a second I thought I'd managed to go under the radar, until he turned back to me, no anger now, no… anything, showing. "New kid, try not being so blatant when you eavesdrop." With that he was gone, striding around the corner without another look back, I wondered if he knew he had lost his glasses.

When Reggie more or less demanded the direction Hudson had gone I took pity on him and sent him completely the wrong way, who knows what Hudson would do to him if they met again within the next twenty-four hours.

Which left me sat wondering how Hudson managed to look so good in his uniform. His tie fell loose, like a bulky necklace in the midst of an array of other chains, his white shirt was barely buttoned, giving glimpses of what I think was a Rolling Stones t-shirt. The blazer was torn and patched in so many places with so many different pieces of material it more resembled a quilt than a blazer.

He was generally hot, and I was just generally not. I knew it and I didn't care, at least I had someone to perv at. Hopefully I wouldn't run into another gang of homophobic jerks though, lord knows the scars from the last time were enough for me.

Seth pulled up ten minutes later, shouting an apology out the window as I rolled my eyes and made a show of looking at my watch. Standing up a glint caught my eye; it turned out to be Hudson's glasses, lying on the floor a couple of feet from me. Gathering them up with my things I dumped it all on the back seat of the car.

My brother looked like hell, he was pale, his blonde hair was covered in dust and his eyes kept drooping alarmingly all the way home. "Seth, what the hell? You look dead."

He laughed, and even that sounded tired, he was only a couple of years older than me but right then he could have passed for someone twice my age. "Mom's had me cleaning the attic out and carting boxes up there all day… I'm knackered." He yawned widely and the car swerved only just missing a cyclist. I was beginning to wonder if I would make it back to the house in one piece. "But how was your day Case? Make friends? Enemies?"

Trying to grip the seat without being noticeably terrified is hard work, "Erm… It was ok. I'll forget everything by tomorrow though." At another wild swerve I'm sure I squeaked. Seth's curious look caused another mild jerk and my knuckles became white. "Seth, who the hell gave you your license?"

He answered me with a very disturbing cackle and a deliberate swerve.

The house was no where near as cluttered as it had been that morning. Mom, Dad and Seth had obviously been at it all day cause there were next to no boxes any more. My conscience informed me that I was a bad person for being glad they had done all the work. I ignored it happily and went in search of my parents.

Hudson slammed the door behind him, absently kicking at a few empty cans on the floor. Dumping his button down and blazer on the couch he rooted through the kitchen for something to eat, coming up with some left over pizza and a tin of baked beans.

Leaving the beans he absently nibbled at the pizza, glancing at the phone, almost willing it to ring. He hated it when his mother was gone for so long, she never told him she was leaving, or when she would be back, but there was normally a phone call somewhere along the line. This time the phone had been silent for nearly a month.

Reggie was right, she was flaky, but he remembered what it was like before the drink and before the stream of men ready to whisk her away. When she looked after him and didn't run off every chance she got.

Throwing the remains of his food at the sink angrily he rubbed at his eyes, willing the memories away. It dawned on him slowly, his sunglasses were gone; he slumped against the wall and sighed. Today was not going well, his jaw was already starting to ache where Reggie had hit him. Bastard.

He looked down at his hands, the knuckles on his right hand were red and slightly tender as he flexed them. He was surprised Reggie hadn't followed him, he usually did; especially when he didn't get his own way. It wasn't like this was the first time he had said no to letting him and his stoner friends crash. He used to think it was funny watching them; that wore off as soon as they began making a mess and making sloppy passes at him.

The place was messy enough without a gang of doped up teens making it worse; he'd drawn the line though when Jamie had come onto him none too subtly. He hadn't known Jamie was gay, and apparently neither had the other guys, who had blamed Hudson for seducing their friend.

Shaking himself out of his thoughts he stood up, shaking the hair from his face before tying it back with an elastic band off the shelf and looking around. He hated the mess, and it was always messy. He closed his eyes at the memory of a bright kitchen filled with the smell of baking; back before his dad had left. Before it had all gone wrong. He rolled his shoulders and went in search of bin liners, all the while trying to forget and remember at the same time what life was like before.


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