Listen to the cliché little girl

as she writes another cliché little poem.


When I stepped into the circle,

I didn't know hate and terror could strong.

All I was trying to do was turn all that darkness

into another bundle of happy light.

But the darkness sucked me in; I'm part of it now,

and all that happiness that I felt is gone.

So there are tears in my eyes now,

but you can keep on laughing and smiling.

Why don't you just throw me out with the rest

of the happy aura that ever surrounded me?

Guess that girl that use to be wasn't as big

of a Prima Donna as she thought she was.

Hey, drama girl why don't you take your woes

somewhere else, I have enough of my own.

Hey, come back, all of you, I need someone to talk to.

I didn't mean to be shitty, didn't mean to act like a spoiled brat.

I didn't mean it, I didn't mean it. I'm so sorry.


The cliché little girl and her cliché little poem

aren't making any sense are they?