This poem may be confusing for some depending on how they read it. I suggest you read it first then , if you don't understand, come back up here and read the explanation of what I felt while writing this poem. After you read the explanation read the poem a second time and see if you feel anything different.

You back now? Good. Now this poem is not about someone physically dying, it is more about someone who has been hurt or betrayed by their best friend. I think the first two lines are easy. The ones that describe wounds and suffering are not actual injuries, but more of how much they have been hurt on the inside. The person at his mercy wants to say sorry, but he is to angry to accept anything from them. He isn't killing her, but basically saying "you are done as my friend, I never want to talk to you again," kind of thing. She is leaving behind everything she cherished, what they went through as friends and now she is begging for forgivness. In a way they both betrayed each other. I hope this clears things up for those of you who have been confused.


I tried to escape the fury of his wrath,

But there he stood blocking my path.

His eyes were a mask of hatred; his face a battle scar,

And I felt the glare melt my courage, like a pit of burning tar.

Every word he spoke dripped with malice;

His clenched hands were torn and callused.

Each breath cut his throat and his wounds freshly bled,

And I couldn't help but think, how much I had left unsaid.

As my heart pumped on fear and dread;

A fierce gale brewed over our heads.

I knew it was at his hands I would perish;

Leave everything behind that I cherished.

I closed my eyes and waited for the pain, for my life to end;

And I thought sadly of how I was at the mercy of someone who had been my closest friend.