Broken Wings

Time can only tell.

Hearts must beat.

Things have to change.

For both the good and bad.

Change is good even though it can cause pain.

It helps us all through the rise and fall.

Our future becomes our past.

Memories and tears seem to come and go.

As they fade away.

It helps to show that we must move on but not forget.

For lives are taken and created.

Are we not supposed to hate.

To understand why people must leave us.

Are they meant to do something else?

Are they meant to take a different path?

Will you not take them home to your kingdom?

Our lord.

Our angel.

Please keep them safe and mend those whose hearts have been broken.

Hold on to those you love.

For you never know when they will be sent above.

As long as they know they will always be loved.

God bless those who knew.

For these angels flew.

To the heavens to see the golden gate.

Why do they have such a fate?

They were taken but he must have a greater use.

For these two are now in forever peace.

God bless their souls.

I think we are the fools.

Let them go and rest in his loving arms.

For he is the taker of our pain.

And the granter of a greater gain.

His kingdom.

His grace.

The beauty of his face.

Rest in peace.

In time we will be with you again.

There to hold your hand.

We love you we just hope you knew.

God bless you both.

Our angels our hope.

We say goodbye.

For these tears we cry are for you.

We love you.