Will You Be

By: Kristie Martinez

As we dance slow to a wonderful song

He sings the words ever so beautifully

I look up at him, into his beautiful eyes

He looks down at me and smiles

The song ends and we go to sit down

He pulls me to his lap and we talk

The entire conversation I'm waiting for a few simple words

But they never come

He holds my hand and keeps his arm around me

But yet not words that I want to hear

'I love you' or 'Will you be my girl?'

He treats me like I'm his but I'm not

I wonder if he loves me or cares at all

That's foolish, I know he does

He tells my friends that he cares about me

And he wants to be together

But I don't understand why he won't tell me

Sometimes it hurts but I know he cares

I can tell when we are together

We always have fun,

I really care about him

I'm sure you can tell in this poem

How much he means to me

I just want to hear these few little words

'Baby will you be with me?'

A/N: This is true! And this happened at prom last Saturday. I just don't get it! Anyway I hope you guys like it, reviews returned.