Knight's Tale …

Somewhere deep in the dark forest,

Where shadows hunt the night,

Of which no tale tells at all

A knight came to shed some light


He rode his noble steed with bravery,

As he faced society's greatest fears

Victory was the only answer possible,

Still nothing there is what it appears


The nearby silence was ringing in his ears,

Far over the hills wolves were howling

Moreover, there was only the weeping wind,

Which brought him to the place he was seeking


Further, into the forest he was brought,

By nothing but only the forces of nature

He went on while darkness crossed his path

With every step he made, the end came nearer


Danger was still at this point closer than before

He didn't feel problems that crept up from behind

Death lay in his wake more nearby than ever

Still destiny held death in its enchanting spellbind


The last part of the long journey was ending

Light was shining through the leaves of trees

His task was nearly fulfilled with triumph

The knight was warmly welcomed with a breeze


He saw the fear disappearing in the distance

However, the oath he had taken, was eternal

But, he could not forget the glimpse of immortality

He had seen in the heart of the angel