We're sitting out in the middle of the ocean, you and I. We are silent as the night sounds settle in. Somewhere far off, a gentle splash. I look up into your eyes – my eyes – and take a long, hard look. A drawn, tired face watches me, slightly wary even though there's nothing more to fear. I'm proud of you, you say. I say nothing, only continue to stare. A girl, tall for her age, hunched over as if hiding from the world, sitting right across from me. My old self. How do I look now? I think out loud. You smile, and it's like sunlight peeking through a dark storm cloud. I realize how I look; sitting up straight and proud, eyes gleaming and hopeful, full of spirit. You look happy, you say. I begin to talk , only I realize there's no one there anymore; silence. I sigh, lean back and look over the horizon. The sun starts to rise, sending a myriad of colors over the blue water. I look back for a moment – just a moment – and say goodbye to my past. The ocean waters gently push me forward, and I move along with them.