A/N: This was written...waaaaay back. Long before I actually started writing seriously. I think I was...fourteen at the time and had just finished reading 'The Hobbit' for the first time. Blame that for its undeniable fantasy feel.


Beyond the barren hilltops

And past the barrow downs

There beside the still blue waters

Beneath the mountains ivory crowns

There you will find beauty unsurpassed

Fairer than white valley lilies

And clad in Elven craft

Her tresses are of lovely silken sunbathed flax

Which toils about her shoulders

And creeps as ivy down her back

Her eyes are filled with wonder

As a child's sight first seen

And yet so full of wisdom

Of memories of what has been

Her cloak is of a silver sparkling thread

Silk woven so carefully

As a spiders dew drop covered web

A golden broach, there lies upon her breast

A deeper red than roses

Scarlet as a dragon's breath

Her name is as a whisper left

Unheard by mortal ears

As a gentle breeze through weeping willow leaves

Heedless of unending years

She is more eternal than earth and time themselves

There in that hidden valley

The immortal Lady Of The Elves