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The Rain

Kara opened her eyes. In a fraction of a second, bright fluorescent lights entered her pupils and stung her retinas. Squeezing her eyes shut immediately, she could still see orbs of hazy light in the darkness of her mind's eye.

Slowly opening her eyes again, Kara adjusted to the brightness and shivered. Taking in her surroundings, Kara's dizziness had been replaced by confusion. She was in a cold hospital room, but not like one she had ever seen before. All the medical equipment looked like it had been replaced by futuristic digital gadgets. The walls consisted of panes of glass that had been washed over with white.

"Who are you?" Kara saw a young man sitting in her hospital room with a worried look on his face.

"My name is David Elm." The boy said firmly. "I'm a government agent and I found you lying in the middle of the road. You passed out just as the rain was getting really heavy."

"Rain? What do you mean? Australia's been in drought for like ten months; it hasn't rained for almost a year." Kara frowned in confusion. She vaguely remembered rain, but her mid told her that it wasn't possible.

"Australia?" David's eyebrows shot up to his hairline. He paused, closing his eye as if processing what Kara had said. "Australia." He repeated, this time as if weighing the word on his lips.

Kara studied David. Did he say he was a government agent? She frowned. That wasn't possible; he looked about eighteen, maybe even nineteen. He was much too young to have been recruited into the government. His short blonde hair was ruffled and his clever blue eyes studied her.

"Australia hasn't been a residential area for a long time." David said with a sigh. "So unless you're a military general or resource wholesaler, then I'm completely out of options."

"What?" Kara spluttered, her heart racing. "No, I was at school. I was doing Maths and then bang, I'm lying in the middle of a road." David just stared at her. Kara felt her mind spin. She was so confused, what the hell was going on? "I have to get out of here. I have to get home."

"Wait." David stood up as Kara slid off of the hospital bed. "Look, at least let me help you get home. I almost ran you over, I owe you that much." Kara tilted her head to the side, examining him.

"Not that I'm not grateful, but… well…" Kara pursed her lips. How did she say this without sounding like a child? "I don't know you, at all. It wouldn't be safe, and it wouldn't be very smart to let you take me home."

David gazed at her, his lips twisted into an amused smile. "Did I tell you I'm a government agent?"

"Yes." Kara nodded warily. "But, I mean, come on, you're like, what eighteen? What government agency would hire someone that young?"

David laughed. "Usually the CIA wants younger people to join, and they made twenty the minimum age requirement a couple of decades ago. But my father was a senior analyst and I got in early. And I'm nineteen."

"CIA?" Kara frowned, her eyes wide. "Don't you mean ASIS? We're not in America here."

"But we are." David shut his eyes and inhaled. "Okay, wait. Where exactly are you from? How old are you? And what's your name?"

"My name is Kara Bellamy." She said with a confused expression on her face. "And I'm from Darwin, Australia. I'm seventeen."

"And when did you move to California?"

"California?!" Kara gasped. "I'm not in California. What's going on?"

"Excuse me, Miss?" A young nurse stepped into the room. "Is everything alright?" The nurse glanced sharply at David.

"Where am I?" Kara demanded, her cheeks burning pink with embarrassment at such a stupid question.

"Miss are you alright?" The nurse took a step forward, reaching for the metallic clipboard attached to the end of the hospital bed.

A sudden flash of anger erupted within Kara. Why was everyone treating her like an eleven year old? And who was this guy who thought he could traipse in and tell her she was halfway across the world? A jolt of giddiness washed through her head and her vision was blurred.

Kara closed her eyes, attempting to clear her mind. Upon opening them, she could see that everything around her stopped. Or rather, slowed down to an incredibly slow pace.

"Oh, crap." Kara cried, the words echoing in the emptiness of the room. "Not again." She stepped gingerly around the nurse and nudged David. "David, I'm sorry." She whispered, nudging him again.

His face was set, staring at the spot that Kara had occupied two seconds ago. His pale skin glowed in the stark blankness of the room. Kara could hear his breath, slowly inhaling and slowly exhaling. The thump of his heart and the slow swishing sounds of fabric rubbing against metal. What was that? Kara followed the sound and traced her fingers delicately along the hem of his jacket.

Lifting it with the tips of her fingers, Kara gasped as she saw an extremely strange looking device. It was like a gun, but not like one she had ever seen before. It was small, and a shiny slate grey. Jumping back, Kara almost toppled over. Steadying herself by grabbing David's chair, her fingers grazed his bare hand by accident.

A spark stung her fingertips as her skin touched his. Pulling her hand back immediately, Kara examined her fingers. They felt cold, as if something had pulled all the warmth from her. "Ow," she mumbled.

"What the hell?" David's voice echoed. Kara's head jolted up to him. He had awoken from the strange time freeze. "What happened?" Kara stared at him with wide eyes, she was in completely shock. Glancing around the room, she saw that the nurse was still frozen and the insistent beeping of the machines was still beeping at extremely slow intervals.

"This happened to me before." Kara said in a low, panicked voice. "Dizziness, and then everything just slows down. This keeps happening."

David just stared at her, unable to comprehend any of it.

"David." Kara hissed, waking him from his daze. "You have to help me. Please"

"Wait a second." David frowned, realization dawning his stormy eyes. "What year were you born in?"

Kara frowned; she would have laughed if she weren't so scared. "1990. Why?"

David swallowed. "Because it's the year 2079." The words echoed into oblivion. 2079? Kara couldn't move, she couldn't speak. "Kara."

She just stood there, staring at him. 2079?

"Kara!" David shook her. She blinked and looked down at his hands wrapped around her arms. "We have to get out of here. But first you have to fix this. Make it back to normal."

"I-I don't know how." Kara mumbled, her voice filled with worry. "I have no idea how this works."

"How did you make it start?" David enquired. "How did you do this in the first place?"

"I don't know." Kara insisted, on the verge of tears. All the confusion, frustration and shock was feeding her anxiety and fuelling a new sudden fear. "I have no control over it. It's just a new thing. I get dizzy and then everything changes."

"Okay… okay." David inhaled deeply and thought. "Look, I'm sure if you just calm down and concentrate, all of this will go back to normal. Just try to calm down."

Kara stared at him, scared out of her mind. Then she took in a deep breath. Okay, you can do this. She swallowed and relaxed. All of a sudden, she felt incredibly tired. She just wanted to go home and go to bed. Her muscles ached and her head hurt. She looked at David as he watched her. All of a sudden, she felt embarrassed to have him staring at her. Closing her eyes, Kara breathed in and out slowly.

"Miss, are you alright?" The nurse's voice startled her, breaking her from her thoughts. Kara opened her eyes. Everything was back to normal: the nurse, the digital instruments, the air had been cleansed from all murkiness. Everything felt so clear now.

"I'm fine." Kara said quickly, her slate grey eyes flickered sharply over to David. "I think I should go home."

The nurse nodded, frowning slightly in confusion. "Oh, well we'll need to get some papers signed. Oh, and someone to take care of you. Do you want us to call your parents?"

"I'll take her." David said immediately. The nurse glanced at him sharply, as if she were an overprotective mother glaring at her daughter's new boyfriend.

"My parents are out of town at the moment." Kara said blankly. The nurse nodded and left the room.

"Here are your clothes." David said, handing her a pile of fabric. He left the room so she could change, and followed the nurse to her station so he could sign Kara out of the hospital.

David's minute cell phone rang and he answered it. "Elm speaking."

"Where the hell are you?" It was his boss. David winced; he was an hour late for work. "We have an operation to debrief."

"Sorry, Cal," David sighed. "There's been…an emergency. I can't come into work today."

"Excuse me?" Cal answered, sounding furious. "You can't just bail out; this isn't a regular job, Elm. You cannot just skip a 'shift' because you're feeling lazy."

"Cal, didn't you hear me?" David frowned, quickly signing the papers that were needed for Kara's release. "There's been an emergency. A…family friend got into an accident. It was pretty bad." He kept his voice level. The last thing he needed was for Cal to discover that he was lying. "Can't you just put Rick on the job? He's just as qualified in the field as I am."

David could hear Cal inhaled deeply. "Fine. You're lucky that Rick's in today. Be sure that I'll be reporting this to the director. She won't be happy." Then all David could hear was the dial tone.

"Are you okay?" Kara asked softly. She was back in her jeans and t-shirt, looking somewhat calmer.

"Yeah, fine." David said stiffly. "Come on, I'll take you to my house." Kara followed the government agent outside. As soon as she stepped out of the cold, air-conditioned building, Kara froze. Outside was so…grey. There wasn't a tree in sight; no plants, no flowers, no shrubbery. And the buildings looked so strange to her. Everything was so foreign.

"Come on," David placed his hand on her shoulder. "We need to get you out of those clothes before someone gets too suspicious." Kara frowned, looking down at herself. And then she looked up at everyone else. Pedestrians and visitors to the hospital were everywhere. And they were all dressed in white, black and grey. Not a colour in sight.

"Strange fashions," Kara murmured as David stopped a strange looking dome. It was kind of like a car, but everything was smoothed over and rounded, and silver. Even the wheels were made of alloy.

"Don't worry," David said. He touched his hand onto the driver's window and the car doors opened with an electronic beep. Kara stared silently. She slid in and the door closed, her seatbelt clicking into place automatically.

Kara closed her eyes. Dizziness and confusion clouded her mind. What was going on? She felt so lost, so alone. Kara wanted to cry. Right now she should have been in her Biology class, studying animal reproduction. But she wasn't; she was in some foreign place with no way to get home.

"Are you okay?" David's voice broke through her thoughts. "You look a little pale."

"Everything's just so confusing." Kara explained softly. "How are you so accepting of all of this? I would completely freak out."

"Well I've heard of your ability, but I'm still shocked." David said, pulling the car out of the hospital parking lot. "I mean, I've seen occurrences of physical abilities for the military, but they've all been in the past few years."

"What are you talking about?" Kara cried, yelping as the car sped out down an empty road. "What abilities?"

"That time altering thing you do," David explained, all of a sudden taking on a childish demeanor. "You obviously can affect the time continuum, space continuum too if you really are from Australia."

Kara stared at him, completely dumbfounded. "You sound like my Physics teacher."

David rolled his eyes. "Okay, look. You've traveled to the future. We need to find a way to get you home before something bad happens."

Kara glared at him. "Don't patronize me. I know all of this. Can we rewind a minute? What did you mean with the whole physical abilities thing?"

"Oh," David exhaled. "Well, about five years ago, some scientists announced the invention of a serum that could basically turn a human being into a super soldier. It does something to the genes; makes them stronger, faster, smarter."

"And that's connected to my ability?" Kara raised an eyebrow.

"Well, there have been theories that they could alter the serum to give a person psionic abilities." David said. "And from there, the rumours sprouted. Stuff like teleportation, fire control, mind-reading, time travel. They were close to being discovered, but apparently the government shut down the research."

"But I've never taken any serums." Kara frowned.

"Well that's the mystery, isn't it?"

The car finally halted, and the doors opened automatically. Kara followed David out and onto the side walk. She felt extremely out of place, dressed in her thin summer clothes while everyone else was bundled up in black trench coats and grey scarves. She shivered as the rain kept showering on. Her clothes were drenched and she began to tremble from the cold.

"Come on," David said, taking her hand. "We'll get you some proper clothes." He guided her through the thick crowd, pushing his way through the people. Kara felt people jostling her, sneering at her. They looked at her clothes and must have just judged the skimpiness of her wet shorts and t-shirt. They shoved past her, as if she were getting in the way of their busy schedules.

Just as they broke through the crowd, Kara felt a pair of cold, strong hands curl around her waist and pull her away from David. The grip was so strong that Kara could feel herself bruise and her own grip on David's hand was wrenched away.

Kara's scream was lost in the din of the crowd and the rain. She was pulled through the throngs of people and into an alley. "David!" She felt the words leave her lips, but couldn't hear her own voice. Helplessly, Kara struggled against the man who had grabbed her.

Terror coursed through her body as a hand forced her head to the side. Through the corner of her eye she could see the glint of metal and the shine of plastic.

"Wha--!" The words were caught in her throat in a breathy cry. Is that a syringe? A sharp pinch caught her by surprise as a needle pierced her neck, and she could feel something being injected into her throat.