Kai Creon of Llewellyn brought the sword up to his shoulder before charging towards Erwin Jaroslav of Blandon. Kai swung his sword from left to right till it became a blur that Erwin could not place, leaving him with no choice but to retreat. Erwin's attempted attempt at Kai's legs was ruined when Kai's sword blocked it, and with a sharp flick, he knocked it out of Erwin's hands and caught it with his left.

Out of the corner of his eye, he spotted Zeke Herod of Holden stealthily advancing. He tossed the sword back to Erwin and swiveled around to face Zeke. The sword met with a resounding clank as Kai defended each blow Zeke showered. Finding an opening, Kai used the tip of his sword, swerved it around Zeke's sword as he blocked the final attack and disarmed him.

"I see you are still in good form even after summer break."

"Do you think I will be allowed to stop training?"

"True," Zeke replied, grinning.

Kai smacked him square on his back and tried to pick up the sword on the ground with his foot. Instead of lifting the sword, the sword flew a short distance. It landed right at the entrance of the training grounds, settling right beside someone's foot. Kai looked up from the sword to see a girl a girl of about his age. Not a day older than sixteen. She lifted a dark brow in scorn and sighing, she muttered audibly.

"Boys will be fools."


Kai Llewellyn dribbled the ball between his leg, switching between left and right at a high speed that soon turned the ball into a blur. Erwin Blandon retreated cautiously as Kai slowly advanced, blue eyes never leaving Erwin, yet, keenly aware of the ball. Erwin finally gave up resisting the temptation of tapping the ball away and his hands shot out. Kai's left hand blocked Erwin's, and he took the opportunity to drive towards the net with Erwin losing guard when he lunged for the ball.

Out of the corner of his eyes, Kai noticed Zeke Holden sprinting towards him. Kai stopped short of a lay-up at the right of the net. He swerved in mid-jump to the left, avoiding Zeke's leap in an attempt to block his shot. Kai flicked the ball behind him and executed a perfect hook shot.

"Dude! Still in top form?"

"You think?"


Kai smacked Zeke on his back and tried to pick up the ball with his foot. Instead of lifting the ball, Kai kicked the ball a short distance, and it landed right at the entrance of the basketball court, rolling to the feet of someone. Kai looked up from ball to see a girl a girl of about sixteen. She lifted her eyebrow and rolled her eyes. As she turned around and walked away, she muttered.

"Boys will be idiots."

A/N: This is a new story, sort of written in parallel. This very first chapter is dedicated to my OM World Finals buddy team from Washington D.C: Sovereign Grace Homeschoolers (home schooled! So cool!). I'll be meeting them in 11 days in Michigan!