You Were the Sun

My love runs deep
Like the roots of these trees
And draws from the earth
With such ancient power

But yours seems to turn
With the falling of the leaves
From spring until autumn
Watch the death of the flowers

Through the panes of glass
I see the world spin
Light comes through the window
No longer catching my eyes

I'd like to blame you
For killing my rainbows
For stealing my heaven
And darkening my skies

You stamped out the light
That lit up my soul
I'll just pick up the ashes
It's not your concern

And someday, somehow
I'll bring them back to an ember
With or without you
I know I will burn

You see, hope is an echo
Of a song I once knew
I can feel it in my bones
When I lie on the ground

I know you don't love me
And I don't love you
But I still feel an emptiness
When you're not around

Because the moon needs the sun
The way the sun leads the moon
Both opposite and equal
Both wishing to be free

So just send me a sunbeam
And I'll be on my way
Because you know I still need you
Even if you don't need me