I tied a bullet around my neck and
Placed it right above my heart as
If it could somehow fill that gaping
Hole you made in me like I'm
A paper doll that can be cut however
You want just because you hold
Onto scissors made of promises and lies

And I hate you, I really do

But for some reason I keep listening
To all those songs that remind me of
No other than you and writes more
Poetry about the boy who deserves to
Die but then again so do I and everything
Is all so confusing when I forgave you
Way too long ago and just wanted to
Forget but they never tell you that
Memories like that never slip your mind

So I'm stuck here feet still planted in
That concrete road watching you
Watch me gaze at the stars trying to
Figure out what I feel with you
Being indecisive and almost sentimental
Refusing to go away because we
Still need to be friends for some
Awkward reason and it is really annoying
Me this attitude you have like
You're the only one who matters

So come and play me a piano song and
Write words you think I want to hear
While pushing yourself into everyone's
Life like they want you there so badly
When I would much rather you go away
And leave everything the same as it
Had almost been before because I don't
Want this I don't want to know that

I love you, I really do