The Toughest Choice

The sun shines a bloody red

The realization of, have been misled

Flooding emotions of villainy and betrayal

It began with best intentions, ships sail

The field decorated with havoc and carnage

Hundreds of decaying corpses dumped in the ridge

Weeks; maggots and worms wiggle in rotting flesh

Once great men, now how worthless did Man look burnt into ash?

A squawking dark raven peaks at a raw eyeball

Under hundreds of corpses, warms, and maggots; no one hears the call

The countless wiggling of moist bodies of the worms, grows maddening

Images of all these men who made widows, is saddening

Sounds of shovels, digging into the earth, burying the hellish ridge

A king of Man, erases all memory of these noble men, forgotten carnage

Men who fought for their home, family, and country; for dirt.

Men who are thrown away as though they were garbage; in the place of their birth.

"I love you, but I must go," he said to his crying wife

The image playing a million times as he felt the knife

Buried in a mass grave with his brothers-in-arms, he lays

Worthless? Or the bravest? Defending his home, his land, the earth, making it rich as his body decays as it dies.

The field where that man died has become the most beautiful of all.

The army of men have each a soul, energy, which makes it beautiful over all.

Behind what we are able to see, he has returned to the celestial stream.

Most grand of all! He choseā€¦ to wake up from this dream.