heart watches heart, but can't see the other
heartbeats away can mean a thousand footsteps
a single dream
days apart one looked up to the other
and wished things were not as black and white as they seemed

life touches life but they are separated
by maturity and trust and that thing they called love
a taste of the obsene
voices carried on but were separated
and both wished they had falling stars on which to lean

mystery warps at mystery's touch
mysterious words can lead to a thousand things
a whisper of the uncleansed
two people leaned forward to taste, to touch
and wished there were not a mirror beteen them

for you cannot see more than one side of the mirror
you cannot see past the glass
there are a million obstacles between the heart and it's counterpart
the biggest and hardest to overcome: each one's own masks

and when they finally touch
the images warped, the leaking thoughts bleeding
you'll see
to live is to love is to dream
and only those who triumph over the distance placed by each other
will live to love the sweet results, the growing seedling that came of their meeting