Meadows shimmer and drip drops of mirrors
A tune carries over the hills
Deep laughs from men vanish the childish fears
And the fireside warmth takes away any chill

Shadows dance and cackle with glee
A solomn dirge stale on the lips of the enslaved
Gullible people who once were free
Now lay in shambles and are covered in chains

The picture the artist paints is confused and gray
Their lover is no longer their one true love
Grubby hands desperate seek for the rich man's pay
And look for warmth in the wallowing mud

One world is real
One world is not
One world made her feel
The other tied her mind in knots

A stumbling figure cries dirty tears
Fills her hair with ashes and breaks at the seams
She looks desperately, her eyes searching the mirror
For no more, no more, does she dream