hands open, she reaches for the sky
she's just another pilgrim, living one more lie

ignorance fills your heart
and it's ripping you apart
no bliss is to be found inside
when it's by their rules that you abide

she kisses you (or so you think)
a knot in the cherry stem one more step towards the brink

ignorance cannot be real
cannot be truly what you feel
no bliss can hide for so long
it's not special, beautiful, or strong

she's frost and ice and has no love
(but searches frantically, why do you think she reaches for what lies above?)

ignorance, no bliss within
ignorance, no bliss makes the innocent give in
ignorance, no bliss at all
ignorance, no bliss at not knowing there's no one to catch you when you fall

her hands lower from the sky
the lie she lives making her unaware of the tears that she cries.