Inspired to the stylings of Sherry (no.peace.los.angeles). You rock.

Cipher (You Are the Lock and I Hold the Key)

azure eyes
(my own Indian
ink to drown in)

flushed cheeks
(rose petals against
soft flesh)

delicate ears
(seemingly sculpted
from the red clay
of the earth and
fire-glazed to pale perfection)

yielding lips
(slowly parting
to reveal the tip
of your intoxicating tongue)

proud chin
(jutting powerfully
and making a point
every time
you move your head)

willowy neck
(long and beautiful,
carrying your head
with the grace of a swan)

wide shoulders
(strong and encasing
those arms that
hold me late at night)

straight back
(rigid and sore
from bearing all
the burdens of forever)

tapering waist
(just enough
to sling my arms
around when
we embrace)

in the night
when I feel
your smooth leg
against mine
(swimmer shaved and
woman waxed),

I want to peel
the skin back from
your bones
and see if
your beauty
only goes that deep.

I want to know
that this isn't
and you are real,

not just
something I imagined
in a dream.

I need to know
you'll still be there
when I wake up,
holding me near
your looking glass heart.