Workday Fantasy


I'm having a hard time concentrating at work today. I keep thinking about our conversation about nipple clamps. I can picture me walking around your house naked, except for two heavy nipple clamps on a chain dangling from my bare breasts. With every step I take, my bouncing breasts feel the tug of the clamp weighting them down, and my nipples throb each time you give the chain a tug.

I can imagine you bending me over you beloved preachers bench with my hands bound tightly behind my back and the chain anchored to the legs of the bench. A red ball gag is placed in my mouth and secured tightly at the back of my head. You start out gently at first, warming me up with the flogger, the soft tails caressing my skin as they thud against my bare bottom and thighs. I moan against the gag and try to shift backwards, wanting more, but the clamps tug at my throbbing nipples and quickly move forward to alleviate the pain. The spanking intensifies, your hand preceding the flogger, leaving large red outlines indented on my pale white bottom. Soon small red marks join the handprints as your crop batters my bottom and inner thighs. Muffled cries escape the ball gag as the stinging pain causes me to wriggle, pulling on the nipple clamps. The next toy you walk around to show me: that damn cane of yours. I beg and plead with you not to use it, though my words are hard to make out, but one look at your sadistic grin and I know it's useless. Sting after sting bombards my tender bottom and thighs and begs turn into shrieks, then sobs, as each hit jerks me forward, threatening to rip the clamps right off my swollen nipples. Thin red welts begin to decorate my bottom and thighs; the stinging pain is almost too much to bear. Sobs shake my body as I try desperately to escape the harsh blows of the cane and the painful tug at my nipples.

You only stop when large wet tears trickle in a constant stream down my face, though it is by no means an act of mercy. Detaching the chain, you pull me upright, and then sit down in front of me on the bench, still holding the chain. With your free hand, you unzip you pants and free your gorgeous cock, hardened by the sight of my struggle and tears, then reach around and unfasten the gag. It barely falls to the floor before you bury your hand in my hair and push my open mouth down around your swollen member. I gag and suck, enjoying the silky feel and taste of you in my mouth as you thrust my head up and down your shaft. Frequently you shove all of your cock into my mouth, and then tug hard on the clamp chain, enjoying the vibrations of my throat as I cry out in pain. Even as the pain courses through my body, juices from my wet pussy trickle down my inner thighs. You slam your cock into my mouth harder and harder, and I devour every delicious inch of it, sucking and swirling my tongue around it. With one final thrust, your cock rams all the way in, and I can feel your cum sliding down my throat as it bursts from your head. I swallow every drop, licking the remnants off you, savoring the salty taste of you on my tongue as you slowly pull out.

You tuck yourself back into your pants and lead me back into your bedroom by the chain, commanding me to follow on my knees, my hands still bound behind my back. I struggle to keep up, and you chuckle and pull impatiently every time I stumble. Finally, in your bedroom, you pull me to my feet and kiss me. Your mouth captures my screams and you remove each nipple clamp, and then throw me over the side of the bed so my tender nipples are crushed between the bed and my weight. You come up behind me and press on hand into my back, and the other hand slips between my legs and strokes my wet pussy. I gasp with pleasure and wriggle against your fingers. You laugh, tracing the trail of juices down my inner thigh and lean forward to tell me what a horny little slut I am. I agree and moan as your fingers return to my clit, rubbing it rigorously. Suddenly you smack my pussy with your hand, I cry out with pleasure and pain. You slip a finger inside my ass, and I go tense. Again you laugh, and then withdraw your finger. I breathe a sigh of relief, hoping that's the end of anal play for the night. After a couple more slaps, you plunge your cock deep inside my dripping pussy, pounding into me hard and fast. I moan and cry out in pleasure, leaning into your thrusts. I can feel the heat radiating from my beaten ass and thighs and a delicious pain as your body brushes against them. Pleasure threatens to overcome me. You laugh--there is no way I'm getting off that easy. You slip your dick out of my pussy and slid it into my ass. I scream and beg for you not to and struggle to get away, but you grab a handful of my hair and tell me that good little sluts take it up the ass for their Doms, then ask me if I'm I good little slut. I whimper "yes Sir," and you release my head. Grabbing onto my shoulders, you pull me back onto your dick, then pound away at my tight ass. I whimper and wriggle but take your cock into my ass quietly. You'll have none of that; reaching over, you grab a vibrator, turn it on, and press it against my clit. Discomfort is replaced by pleasure and once again I'm spiraling toward ecstasy. I beg for permission to cum, and out of mercy, or closeness yourself, you grant me permission. My body shudders and explodes with pleasure. Shortly afterwards you give a final thrust and I feel your hot cum shoot up inside of me, and we collapse on the bed in a pile of content bodies.

Please forgive my arousal, Sir, since it was thoughts of you that have made me so wet.