Seventeen years tomorrow
Seventeen hears of shame
Seventeen years of sorrow
Seventeen years of pain

Seventeen years of crying
Seventeen years of tears
Seventeen years of lying
Seventeen years of fears

Seventeen years of smiles
Seventeen years of grace
Seventeen years of trials
Seventeen years to embrace

You were nearly here
Seventeen years ago
As your birth drew near
You were ready to say hello

To this world that would kill you
It would bring you hurt and lies
Adversities you would go through
And bitter unwanted goodbyes

But seventeen is only a number
And your life means so much more
It's about the people you encounter
And finding one you adore

Sometimes you might fall
And sin more than you ever thought
But never forget that this all
Is a new lesson to be taught

So for you this is my dream
Love and life and knowing
That no is as they seem
No matter what they are showing

Dream and live without regrets
And never forget your mistakes
Ask for mercy and forgive all debts
Give more than you ever take

I know that I am a fool
Young and so naïve
Just a girl in high school
And so easy to deceive

But this is what I can send
Mediocre as it may seem
Because it's your birthday my friend
I hope you enjoy being seventeen