The modest, dusty-browned morsels
Coat your tongue.
And quick kiss (subtle lie)

Your eyes that match the craving,
Bittersweet pleasure; attracting me (deceiving me)
With the wrapped around innocence,
You taste precariously delicious

Just one more
Won't make me sickā€¦

Like a
Sharp turning underneath my stomach, crawling spider like,
Up inside me, a tickling in my chest -while pressed against yours-
Jumps into my throat, (transforms) a fake smile
Is coughed up, caught up
Into scandalously luscious lips (I almost envy them).

Drown the kiss, tongues, smiles, spider
In melted, shameless sensation, little trinkets of chocolate
Molded from lust (you said love)

I know what you mean.
Just keep feeding the addiction...