He gave no excuses.

After two weeks of point blank avoiding the inevitable, he finally gathers the courage to visit her. Here he was, standing on her front door step, fighting a losing battle. He knows it's his fault and he deserves what he's getting. Still, he reasons, if she loves him, she might forgive him. After all, love supposedly overcame all barriers.

Too bad she didn't share his view point.

"You broke me. You really expect me to forgive you for cheating on me with my twin sister?" Her voice isn't angry. Instead, it's just lifeless.

If you listen closely, you might detect a vague bitterness that streak through her empty words. She didn't have enough strength within her to summon up an iota of rage she had initially conjure up two weeks ago when she accidentally stumble into her sister's room to find her naked boyfriend of three and a half years imbedded deeply within her equally naked sister. She suppresses the memories. The humiliation is still too raw to stomach.

Even though they were identical twins, her sister was the popular one; the cheerleader. She wasn't the bookworm per se; she was just a private person who read too much in her spare time.

"I made a mistake. I'm human. Please baby, I really do love you, I thought she was you, honest!" Being the foolish boy he is, he pleads, lying through his teeth.

And she knows that.

She knows that he could tell her and her identical twin sister apart as easily as her parents can. He knows the day he went over to her house, only her sister would be there because she had cheerleading practice. She knows he knows. She was sick of excuses. It didn't hurt anyone because she's already sunk past the point of no return. She's numb now. Nothing can touch her. He was an utter fool to think he could get her back. She loved him but that's past tense. She's not ready to move on but she has to. And she will. As soon as she gets him off her property.

She stares at his beautiful face in silence, carving hurt in her stony features. She doesn't say a word but she continues to rake over his torments features with those beautiful sad blue eyes. Outside, a breeze flutters coldly between their shivering bodies. The cold does not affect her. Her soul is in a coma. Physically, she couldn't care less if there was a fire and she was standing in the middle of it.

"Say something," He pleads softly.

What a fool. Faint resentment starts to stir and bubble beneath her calm façade. What did he want her to say? She inhales deeply, pulling unfeeling oxygen deep into her lungs as her diaphragm expand.

"I hate you," She states quietly, in a robotic tone void of any feeling.

He blinks. Slightly stunned. He was expecting harsh words or a melt down to begin but this, this nonchalance. He's confused. She doesn't tell him he didn't break her heart because she never loved him in the first place. She thrives in her own self-persevered dignity. Let him think what he wants. She's better off now.

His heart tugs sharply and he yearns to hold her in his arms again. She was so full of life. Her eyes are supposed to sparkle with mirth. She is supposed to glow with radiance and happiness. She isn't supposed to be so unfeeling, like a statue. Did he really cause her to become like… this?

She laughs a joyless sound, one that sends shivers down his back.

"Love? Love? You know nothing about love. You know nothing about the heartache I endure or the pain I felt that day." She pauses, debating whether he was worth her time and effort to even talk to.

Making up her mind a split second later, she slams the cold door in his expectant face, scowling as she berates herself for letting him waste her time in the first place. She ignores the pounding on the front door behind her and chiming door bell dings. Heading towards the kitchen, she picks up a cordless phone and punches in the number of his best friend.

"Hello?" A gruffly voice answers harshly as loud music suddenly cuts off in the background.

"Pick me up." She demands, whispering delicately into the phone. He tells her he'll be there in a few minutes. She smiles softly and murmurs her gratitude.

Staring aimlessly through the window overlooking the front porch, her gaze lands upon her ex-boyfriend, frustrated beyond words as he shouts desperately through the glass to conciliate her bruised heart.

Outside, he frantically tries to sustain eye contact, as his heart sinks. Acridity bubbles in his gut as regret once again grips him within its terror. It was one mistake. Only one. But it was one that pushed her to the point of no return.

Twirling a strand of hair innocently between her thumb and her index finger, she smirks as she watches a dark blue Sedan pull into her driveway, imagining the confused horror her ex-boyfriend is wearing right now as he watches his supposed best friend walk up toward her front door. She skips to greet him with a passionate kiss.

Payback's a bitch. And so is she.

It's short but it's a glimpse of a crashing relationship and the lack of love that was present. If it seems vague and confusing, it's meant to be.