I just don't understand,

Why you had to treat me that way,

Why did you,

Oh, why did you push me away?,

What did you ever see in me?,

How could you do this…to me?,

Just sit there and dismiss,

And totally be in bliss,

I tried to be a good friend,

The better person in the end,

But you didn't care at all,

Oh, you didn't care for me at all,

Why were you hiding behind a mask?,

From keeping you from,

Showing your true self,

And I ask,

What did I see in you?,

I deserve oh so much more,

Seeing your face now,

Makes my soul,

Sour and sore.

But someone,

Told me,

To see,

People the way they are,

The way they truly are

Never hold grudges,

They only make smudges—on your mind,

They corrupt your life,

They ruin your strive,

For the rest of your life,

Grudges are dark like death,

And I've learned the hard way,

Just stay away.

Just stay away.