Why did you have to say those hateful words?

I know you know deep inside they stab like swords.

Can't you see?

What you are doing to me?

Are you blind?

Your side is distorted—your hindsight.

You're destroying my reputation,

Your words are a wrongful proclamation,

Inside I know I am the better person by not fighting back,

Everything you say is fiction, not fact.

You gossip and spread,

They hurt like poisonous lead.

You do this to feel better about yourself,

You revel in your so called "wealth".

You make followers your robots,

That was your ultimate evil goal that you sought.

You never sucked me in you malicious plot,

I stood up for justice and rights, I fought.

I see right through you, for the real person you are,

Your spiteful context will cease here; it will not much longer, less far.

Your scheme is all clear to me,

It has not cost me my priceless fee.

Of self-esteem, thinking, being free….,

I have people to back me up, they grasp what I see.

Your words are useless; I am invincible,

I have locked you out, you are impassable.

You don't have a key, and now you are somber,

(Because) you are not admitted to me any longer.

To myself, I just have to remember to be true,

My life, away you flew.

You inspired me to think better; contemplate, conceive, and presume what you may,

This is just what I had to say.