Rubik's Conundrum

Look at a Rubik's cube.

Each side is a different facet of our relationship.

yellow, green, orange, white, red, blue

Become love, hate, understanding, fights, forgiveness, anger.

I mix them all together,

My actions intertwining the emotions that we feel.

And carefully, move-by-move, you put them back into place.

A logical algorithm for solving the complex infrastructure that is "we."

And I watch in awe…

I watch your hands (your mind) so skillfully moving the panels back together.

I watch your eyes watching me.

Instinctively you make everything work the way it should

(An unfair burden I place on you… but you'll have to teach me how to do all that you do).

For every illogical, irrational move that I make,

You counter with the opposite.

It amazes me. fascinates.

Without you, I would be the intermingled faces.

And for making our cube correct, I'll always love you.