Dear nobody,

I covered my ears. I hid my fears, but you're what happens when "two substances collide". I kept you out of my mouth. I tried to keep you out of my head – wouldn't you say that turned out to be a bust? I opened my heart to you and you simply turned your head and pretended not to hear me. Oh woe is what became of me, for I cannot bare what it is I am any longer – I became a flower from a seed for you, but you don't care, you don't care. I only wish I could make you care. The only reason I live, is for the one who gave life to me, and for the tiny hope that you and I could become one again. But I think now I'll have to let my mother down, and let my hopes collapse – let you feel what I felt. I'm tired. I'm full. I'm letting go. My hands are getting' sweaty and I'm about to slip. I wrote you a letter, telling you that I really didn't think you deserved one, but he was the reason I kept it up but now I'm giving it up. Maybe one day we'll meet again, but this time, I screwed up.

But it's a strange feeling I have belt up within myself, I'm full of conflict, I want to love- but I want to hate that which is not right, I want to die but I want to live – just to be a change for the world, to make change. Today was supposed to be a resolution, but you ignored it once again. I don't think my heart can take another let down, so I'll let go instead.

I just wanted you to know, you could have made this alright, you could have opened your eyes, ears – your heart. Nobody will ever love you honestly, as I did.

It doesn't matter anymore,

I'm done.