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Fiona Hartley was the woman that had slept with nearly half the male population in town and everyone knew it. Rumor had it that her numbers totaled up to a hundred twenty-seven. She was the town slut, whore, skank, easy fuck, and subject of seventy percent of the crude jokes made on the topic of sex. She was notorious for her godly mouth and hands which were said to be of no use out of bed. At forty, she looked not a day older than twenty mainly due to plastic surgery and the constant spa treatment she wasted lavishly for. The woman was hated, and the woman was her mother.

Rynne Hartley had inherited her mother's good looks, but thanks to her mother's reputation, she was unable to take advantage them. In other peoples' eyes, she was a whore, a skank, a slut, just like her mother. When she walked through the schools with her head held high, her shoulders back, and chest out, they claimed she was doing the 'slut' walk. Boys made catcalls and directed lewd suggestions towards her. When she stood in the lunch line, she was fondled.

"Damn, that bitch is hot, but I would not sleep with her. Who knows what diseases she has?"

"Don't go all the way, just ask her to give you a blow. I heard her mom never fails to get a guy off with that."

No one tried to hide it from her either. They said these things loud and clear, almost intending for her to hear them.

Rynne Hartley tried to block out the obnoxious buzz. She should have been used to this now. She had endured this kind of thing ever since elementary school. When she made a friend, it wasn't long until his or her parents came to warn them against her. And because of her mother, she had made enemies. Her mother had destroyed the happiness of countless families, and as much as she desired with all her heart to go apologize on behalf of mother, she knew the hopelessness of such a venture. In other people's eyes, there was nothing that could be forgiven.

No one would have expected that Rynne Hartley, at the age of seventeen, was a virgin. Nor did she try to refute or clear up the rumors that stated otherwise. Ever since Junior High began, the rumors had worked themselves up to imprint themselves in society as axiomatic facts and she knew better than to argue. It wasn't like anyone would believe her anyways. To them, she was just as much of a joke as her mother.

Yet, as she sat down alone at the lunch table, she couldn't help feeling the overwhelming remorse that washed over her. There was no way she would ever get used to this kind of lifestyle but she held on to the hope that there would be someone that would come to see her differently. She didn't deny that she had indeed fooled around with boys before, but that was one time in her sophomore year.

She had been at a party and the guy had flirted with her so she had returned the favor. She had harbored a three year crush on him and when he approached her, she thought that maybe he was the guy that would come to think of her with more than her mother's reputation in mind. She had thought that with all the making out and PDA being committed in the background, nobody would frame her for flirting a bit.

She was wrong.

The guy had come in the next day without a second look at her and twisted stories of her supposed "tryst" with him soon spread like wildfire around the whole school. The guy soon jumped on the bandwagon and joined in the taunting and jeering. Fooling around with that one guy became the biggest mistake of her life yet. Just by flirting, she had solidified the rumors. Just by laughing with him and by kissing him back when he initiated a kiss deemed her officially a whore. She recoiled then, away from society, away from anything or anyone that could hurt her even more. She had tried to convince herself that she didn't care anymore, but it was impossible. Not caring was just not something anybody could do.

Hayden Winter traced her steps with his eyes. Even whenshe walked, she had a proud gait. With just her walking posture, Rynne Hartley turned heads of both males and females. Girls looked upon her physical traits with jealousy, and guys with desire. He smirked. He was going to destroy that posture of hers. He would bring that pretty head of hers to face downwards so that she'd never be able to look up again. She was, after all, the daughter of that wretched whore, Fiona Hartley; however, to Hayden, Fiona was more than just a whore—much, more than just a whore. He chuckled to himself as the wheels in his head began to turn deviously. He would certainly enjoy what he had in mind. The school would enjoy what he had in mind and maybe even Rynne would enjoy it—for a while at least.

Hayden stole one last glance at her before turning his attention back to the crowd situated around his locker. If he was going to make the plan work, he would need the whole school's help. He showed no signs of hesitation when he began to talk. He knew, after all, the whole school would be more than willing to help. Even the rare few who came to disliked him would find the temptation of harassing Fiona Hartley's daughter far more powerful than their distaste for him.

"Okay, so…" he began, with a confident smirk. All the people gathered and moved in closer to listen.

-End of Prologue-


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