"I Write Letters And Abandon Ships"

by Shayne Edwin Pruett


I write letters and abandon ships,

And take photographs to remember the day.

I am privy to a great white something,

Avoiding the black to live in the grey.

I sink ships that carry our dreams,

Something so heavy; dirty as coal.

I try so hard to avoid those names,

That escape from your lips to rest on my soul.

I beg for forgiveness; give me a sign,

Anything proper to shoot in the sky.

I'm a pirate by night but a saint none the less,

Things looked so bright while being laid to rest.

As I write my last will; you're sound asleep,

I pray all night long for something to keep.

And if I were selfish I'd fight to stay here,

But I've lost those chances; I've wasted the years.

Please look back on me with the smallest chagrin,

I've made many strides; spared many men.

And while I may deserve your acrimony,

One last time let's have a bedside ceremony.

I'll give up this life if you promise to stay,

This one last time for just one last day.

It may be too late but I'll smile all the same,

Sealed with a kiss -

Sealed with my shame.


Forgive me.