Once upon a time
I knew a boy with sun kissed
Hair and laughing eyes who
Never looked at me it was
Always through me and my
Paper dry fingers from turning
Too many pages with downcast
Stormy eyes I refused to
Show anyone but sometimes
I wished he would love me
Once upon a time

Once upon a time
I knew a boy who didn't
Know what he wanted but
Sometimes he would trust me and
Talk like we would never be
Apart because somehow we just
Knew it wouldn't be like that for
Two people who didn't want love but
Deep down inside knew they needed it
Once upon a time

Once upon a time
I knew a boy who laughed
At the words I said drinking
Them in as if they somehow
Mattered I didn't understand but
I knew that I needed him as
Much as he needed me and we
Whispered shallow nothings and even
Cried at times when we went too
Deep because we would always be
There for each other even when
These affections faded
Once upon a time

Once upon a time
I knew a girl who never stopped
Talking and filled the silences with
Tasty words I loved to hear and
We loved each other's souls that were
Born of the same God because we
Knew we were meant to be
Together closer than blood our love
Was pure and true we were soul sisters
Once upon a time

Once upon a time
On a much too beautiful night
Where the stars shone brighter than
They ever had before because no
Moon was there to take away
From the brilliance of their
Glowing light I met an
Unexpected stranger with dancing
Blue stained glass eyes that
Tore up my soul in one glance and
He had pretty piano hands that
Forced me to feel so unworthy as
They entwined around my
Own he watched me like I
Really mattered and kissed me
Deep and dark and full that
Tasted like nothing and everything I'd
Ever known but he was just
Another boy with so much
Potential it made my skin sign a
Sonnet and gripped my soul but
He only wanted what he couldn't have
Once upon a time

Once upon a time
There was a lonely girl who
Was drowning in ink and poetry words
Taking form as she cut her soul open and
Bled onto blank sheets of white but
She still loved the things that hurt
Her more than anything else ever
Could in some disgusting way so
Horrific she wanted to burn the
Pen images she created until ashes
Covered her fingertips maybe then she
Could really cry again because all of
These people are so real and shaped
How I feel about love and
Life and living they were just a
Domino effect of emotional
Miscommunications and lack of any
Understanding whatsoever and now
I'm just so frightened because

Once upon a time isn't ending with
Happily ever after