This is not technically part of the story, it's part of my notes, but it's important to the characters and the development to the story, so it's here for anyone who's interested. It's a list of the characters (in order of appearance), and what their names mean.

Rebecca: Hebrew: "To tie"

Nicolao: Spanish: "Victory of the people"

Ruth: Hebrew: "Compassionate Friend"
Zakia: Hebrew: "Bright, pure"
Lucien: French: "Light"

Hana: Japanese: "Graceful flower blossom"
Suchin: Thai: "Beautiful Thought"

Brian: Welsh: "Strong"
Ilom: African: "My enemies are many"

Morpheus: Greek god of dreams (or) Minty: English: "Collector of thoughts"

Cassian: Portuguese: "Empty"
Cruz: Spanish: "Cross bearer"

Melancton: Greek: "Black Flower"

Ashwin: Hindu: "Strong horse"

Amon: Celtic: "The hidden"

Oriel: Old French: "Golden angel of destiny"

Bedelia: French: "Strength"

Charna: Yiddish: "Dark"
√Čline: Hebrew: "Torch"