This is – in a way – kind of a prophecy, but in a slightly different meaning. I would explain it like this: Dagh'ha's are prophecies, that do not tell the future, but instead the events in past, that have never happened, but some day will happen.

And if you now understand that, you'll know what this is about, but I won't guarantee anything. This used to be part of one of my stories, but that story has never been even written…

And all these six Seals are part of the same thing! Enjoy :)

The Dagh'ha of the Wise

The First Seal:

"Now the singing of the Nightingale goes on forever

And Time will not see her children

As a memory of the Wise do walk the Narrators

Who'll have their reward within Lady Time

Because of that will the Word be heard for the first time

And it will tell how the People of the Gods return"

The Second Seal:

"The Watchers are betrayed by time within the World

And even the Wise will know nothing

From shadows to light does a path lead

And eternal shadows conceal the Timeless land

Of truth has this truth never known

And not even the Narrator of the Wise can tell"

The Third Seal:

"The third Word will tell of Death and Loss

For nothing goes away to stay gone forever

Only those, who live in Time can ever have the Will

And not even the Narrators can from that escape…"

The Fourth Seal:

"… and so all from the land of Gods will there return

So those telling the Will of the Wise must Wise be as well

If the same they wish someday have in their hands

Be remembered the Narrator of the following Word

For then there shall be no other…"

The Fifth Seal:

"… who ever could held the Will

And Gods shall turn their eyes towards the blood

Flowing through the lands

For the People of the Wise to be free from light and shadows"

The Sixth Seal:

"But still will the blood flow

Over the Words and those of Gods

And in the singing of the Nightingale will be heard the dawn of the new time

And that shall divide hope and despair

And no one will witness the moonlight shining through the clouds

But only one – Follower of the Wise

Who finally can see the light

From shadows over the stars has rise

The Will that now is one of the Narrators

And so the Nightingale's song goes on forever…"

By: Wyrd