Becky Boyle

Hawkins, Per 4


Poem 2

The 8th Grade Passion Play, St. Monica Catholic School

We are standing

In the atrium of the church

With the sun streaming in, catching

In our eyes, glaring,

Making us squint

As we wait to perform.

The silence is absolute

As the director approaches us,

He only asks for our best.

And with that, we lift our hands

To pray.

In them, we catch the light,

Shape it slowly,

Roll it like pebbles,

Cup it like water, breathing

Life into it, until

Our prayers rise up, like

Bubbles floating up through rafters

To God's ears.

We take a deep breath…

Hold it--

Hold it--

And steadily proceed

Into the church.

All eyes are on us, watching.

Time stretches into stopping, as we take

Stumbling steps, heads lifted,

In hopes of catching God's eye

Or smile of approval.