It Was a Believable Lie.

The way he wipes the film from the mirror to admire himself

Makes him think that he looks better wet.

Yeah, he looks better wet.

So he stays out late when it rains all night

Because he's crying all the time.

And he curls up with his books and only wants to write

Of birds and insects and anything he can think of, forevermore.

And he loves the world when it's green

And lets strange rustlings pass by him unseen.

Because he opens windows wide when rain comes in the night.

Because he cries all. the. time.

And he's screaming at me, begging me,

"Don't fall asleep!"

"Don't fall asleep."

But the water gushing past unseen walls

Lulls me into dreams away from him.

So there's careful balance between our heads tonight

As we lie in separate corners of a room.

He puts his hands on my face like a wedding veil,

Lets them blossom open on my cheeks and tells me,


Must be."