Mae an average girl, with an average life, was the only child in her family. She never got to meet her mom, and the reason was a mystery. Her dad never told her where her mom is or who she is for that matter. Her dad never talked to her about her mom or anything, so she was a lonely girl. She had a normal life or so as she thought...

It was a school day, a regular school day... Mae was walking home... Upon arriving home, she sees the house empty... she sighs, and remarks: "He has gone again... oh well, gotta get to work." This is mostly how her days usually are. She comes home from school, sees the house empty or messed up, and she wonders, "why?"... but no answer is given. There are days when her dad would be home, and days when he would just suddenly disappear and appear again, so she finally got used to it one way or another. So Mae is kind of the independent type of girl who lives on her own as if her dad never existed nor cared...

Presently, Mae is 17-year old high school student. She has performed well in class, passing all her subjects with high grades and honors each year, without any care from her dad... or anyone. Her dad never had time for her at all, too busy with work, he'd say. When she was a kid, she always shows it to her dad with an excited voice saying:"Daddy daddy i got an A!" with a really happy face but her dad mostly replies with: "oh that's good keep up the good work..." while still looking at his work without a single reaction. cold huh?

well that's how Mae's life was. So you can imagine how hard and harsh it was for her, how lonely she was! She wanted him to care! she soon became cold. but what Mae does'nt know is that her DAD IS A SECRET SPY FOR THE GOVERNMENT! And soo she lives on with her life not knowing it. Until one day... she comes home without any work to do, the house was empty as usual. so she goes up to the tv and watches, fiddling with the remote. while fiddling with the remote she finds this secret compartment! oooooooooooooh ahhhhhhhhhhhhh! so she pushes one of the buttons there. Then the screen suddenly goes black and a commanders face pops out. The commander said "Ah! So you're finally back from your mission Agent Lee. How was it?". Mae was surprised her dad was a secret agent! And he never even told her. So she replies "I am not Mr. Lee, I am his daughter. My dad isn't home.". Then the commander replies "What?! You're his daughter?!".

Then suddenly another face comes up. The face of Mae's dad... Her dad said "Commander, we need back up!". The commander replies "What?! But you're my best agent and I even sent my best crew with you! Then the father said "We need back up, fast! Hurry! They're coming! Then suddenly she sees someone behind her dad. Then her dad is hit and he falls unconcious. The screen suddenly went blurry, then came up the commanders face once again. Commander said "Oh no! Lee has been caught! And all our other troops are in training and I can't put them up to this it's too far from their training. We'll automatically lose! Wait! Mae! You! You are our only last hope. I will teleport you right now and you will be given the right equipment to save this country.".

Mae was shocked. But before she could react, she was transported, given equipment, and trained quickly. She was to be prepared asap! After some weeks she was ready. Mae was finally sent to Europe. To save her dad. She went, and she persued her mission... And days after, she finally did! she saved her dad! Together they defeated the enemy!They went back to Japan and they were praised and rewarded. Mae and her dad became the best agents ever! The trouble has finally ended! and Mae finally got in touch and close to her dad! After, they quitted, they agreed to spend more time with each other.Of course they were still agents and they would come if really needed. But for now they shall be together... and so Mae finally got someone who cares for her, she was no longer lonely and she lived happily ever after with her dad.