I'll be anything

Except for you

I'll try so hard

To be true

I won't tell a lie

I won't cry out loud

I won't show my weakness

In a crowd

I won't get drunk
I won't hurt them

I won't let anyone

Become the way I am

I won't give up

I won't back down

Even if my face

Is smashing in the ground

I will live my life

Full of love

I will be stronger than you

And rise above

I will rise above the pain

And rise above the sorrow

Instead of living for yesterday

I will live for tomorrow

I will forget the sins you had

I will forget the crap you did

I will forget about the hurt

And from my mind will it be rid

I will live to be successful

Honest, Beautiful and true

I will promise to be everything wonderful,

Everything but you.