Author's Note: Hey everyone! It's been-a while-since I've been here...but I had to get this off my mind. It's not a masterpiece or anything, but R&R me, I'll R&R you.


The Power of Emotion

How I'm feeling-it's hard to explain-

A spiraling fire of wit and rage

Burning in my core, making me want more

More words, more action, my anger escapes it's cage.

Slowly but surely increasing, top speed.

Slowly but surely sheltering me

Because when I get angry

I get too angry to get sad

And your words can't hit my heart

The way they normally would.

Beyond the speed limit, my words are twice as fast.

Coming out, towards you, you're not going to last.

Because this is the battle I have chosen to fight

And once I'm in, I'm in, and I'll make you see the light.

Because these feelings and words I'm helpless to control

And you're the one who said you wanted to give it a go.

But I'm breaking your words, you're nothing but syllables now

And you managed to give me back my voice somehow

Because I was trapped, I couldn't speak up

Until you got me angry, until I felt the rush

And suddenly I knew how to express

Exzactly what everyone's doing to me

Suddenly I knew how to express

How it feels to be put down

When I'm already kicking myself

And you don't know I don't need your help...

I warned you these tables would be turned.