I don't know what it means- it just came to me.

Dark abyss below me
As I balance on a dream.
Stars tickle my feet,
And I am unafraid.
A dark ethereal lake
I swim in it,
Drowning with glee
Let the swirls of infinity
Dangle from my lips
Whisked away
By promises,
And doubts.
Who am I?

I am tipped precariously
And I am unafraid
I'll spill my essence
Across the cosmos
With a passionate gesture
Of Life

Let the universe resound
In silence.
Let it roar with my soul
I am tipped precariously
And I am unafraid!

I laugh and giggle
As I drink from stars;
Their stormy centers
Leave me dizzy with lust
I rip apart planets
Tearing at the seams
Of existence
Wanting to belong
Wanting to be
As I tip

It's over
No notice save a mere
A sigh.
I let me go
Slipping through my fingers
Like mercury hopes
And spider silk dreams.
I'm floating away
Through gardens of stars-
Celestial flowers that twinkle
On invisible threads
I weave in and out
Through a loom of eternity,
Small speck
In a glass orb of hope
I exist.
Tipped precariously
And I
Am unafraid.